21-Day Digital Wellness Challenge

Reset your relationship with your devices

Make 2021 the year of healthy digital relationships.

How many times a day do you get interrupted by alerts on your phone, tablet, smartwatch, or computer? And how often do you find yourself scrolling through social media, constantly refreshing for the latest news and updates? If you’re like most people, the answer is: too often.

Take back control and reset your digital habits by participating in our 21-Day Digital Wellness Challenge.

Each day, digital wellness coach Uma Panch will guide you through an activity that will help you break bad habits, establish tech boundaries, and give you the tools and knowledge to use your devices thoughtfully and intentionally. When you create better tech habits, you can increase your focus and concentration, decrease stress, and improve your mental health.

Join the challenge and reset your relationship with your devices and social media in just three weeks. See you at the starting line!

21-Day Digital Wellness Challenge Access Pass

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To say thank you for taking the time to complete our 21-Day Digital Wellness Challenge and for restarting your digital relationship, you will receive our custom 21-Day Calendar to help keep you motivated through the challenge.

Over the next three weeks, you will complete a series of daily activities to help you reset your relationship with your devices and establish healthy technology habits. Get ready to practice setting better boundaries, creating device-free zones, and curating a positive digital environment.

Select your 21-Day Digital Wellness Challenge Access Pass from above and restart your digital relationship today!