Celebrating Youth Innovation

April 20-23rd, 2021

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We Thank You!

Thank you for being a part of our 4th annual Digital4Good event. We hope that you have been inspired to start your own journey in practicing digital for good. 

If you missed any of the events, please use the YouTube links below to catch a rerun, and please follow and support all of our 2021 winners on social media and beyond.

YouTube Live Broadcasts!

We partner with private companies, schools, and other nonprofit organizations to host livestream watch parties to share our winning students’ achievements and inspirational stories with tens of thousands of people around the world. Host a watch party for your office, school, or other community organization! Viewing the Livestream is free (all you have to do is provide the snacks.)

Livestream - Growth Day 1

April 20th, 2021 (Tues)
1:30 pm PST

Livestream - Growth Day 2

April 21st, 2021 (Wed)
1:30 pm PST

Livestream - Growth Day 3

April 22nd, 2021 (Thur)
1:30 pm PST

Livestream - Live Event Day!

April 23rd, 2021 (Fri)
9 am PST - Mental Health Panel
10 am PST - Power Hour

Livestream - Closing Concert

April 23rd, 2021 (Fri)
12:30 pm PST - Digital Wellness Panel
1 pm PST - Closing Concert

What is this virtual event about?

Digital4Good celebrates students who are using digital technology to make a positive impact in their communities. We’re shining a spotlight on student innovation and leadership to show the world just what kids + teens can do with the right tools, education, and encouragement.

The annual Digital4Good Summit celebrates ten outstanding student innovators who are using digital media and technology to solve problems and advance social, economic, environmental, and educational causes. The Summit is a LiveStream event, which means that virtual participation is limitless. The winners are also paired with mentors in relevant industries who can help them grow and advance their causes.


Donations are a cornerstone of our operating budget. They support program development, promotion, and facilitation; fund workshops and events; and provide training materials and resources to those in need.

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2021 Winners

The 2021 Digital4Good Summit honors eleven outstanding student innovators who are tackling some of the world’s toughest problems using social media and digital technology.

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Alex Knoll

Ability App

Brandon Griggs

Hear The Youth

Charlie & Hannah Lucas

notOK App

Elif Kaya

One Smile Effect

Gael Aitor

Teenager Therapy

Grace Bradley

Kind Girls Win

Sadie Keller

Sadie Keller Foundation

Vardhan Agrawal

The Open Code

Victor Ye


Event Sponsors:

Emcees & Guest Speakers

This year’s lineup of guest speakers will share stories of resilience over the course of the three-day summit. Drawing on their own experiences, the speakers will discuss issues like bullying, body image, and mental health as well as the importance of self-acceptance and empathy.

Brandon Farbstein

Power Hour Emcee

Kunal Sood

Power Hour Emcee

Olivia Van Ledtje

Growth Day 1 Emcee

Isaac Butts

Growth Day 2 Emcee

Makaila Nichols

Growth Day 3 Emcee

Alexa Curtis

Power Hour Guest Speaker

Matt & Phil

Live Day Speaker

Kechi Okwuchi

Singer/Song Writer

Jessica Hererra Flanigan


Anna Miller

Operation Awesome

Brent Camalich

Operation Awesome


In the style of the popular investment show “Shark Tank”, the winners pitch their innovations to our panel of Sharks who then give advice and feedback on how to improve. Our Digital4Good Sharks include executives from Fortune 500 companies as well as past Digital4Good winners.

Tony Whatley

365 Driven

Jeff Collins


Joel Flory


Alan Shen

Riot Games

Shreyaa Venkat


Christine Mazzi

Project WOC

Clementine Chamberlain

Tampon Tuesday

Becca Krass


Phil Davies


Jessica Hererra Flanigan



Each winner is assigned an executive sponsor and mentor who supports them as they further develop their projects over the course of a year. We match the winning students with mentors from a wide variety of fields and industries to ensure they are nurtured by leaders with relevant experience and interests.

Carlos Ojeda

Cool Speaks

Greg Lutze


Matt Soeth


Katie Zigelman


Cheyenne Havens


Chris Mathew


Melissa Grace


Kelly Campman

Rachel's Challenge

Leah MacDermid

Formerly Club Penguin

Digital Wellness Panel

Hear from leaders at TikTok, Google, Riot Games, and Twitter in a live panel as they discuss digital wellness and mental health, moderated by Sophie Beren, founder of the GenZ digital media forum, The Conversationalist.

Sophie Beren

The Conversationalist

Alicia Blum-Ross


Alan Shen

Riot Games

Matt Soeth


Nina Hersher

Digital Wellness Collective

Sara Lee


Michael Campbell


Meet & Greet Companies

After the final student presentation “Power Hour”, attendees will have the opportunity to meet the winners and leaders from sponsoring companies like TikTok, VSCO, Salesforce, and Twitter to ask them questions about digital wellness and how they’re using digital for good.

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