How to Protect Your Kids from Sextortion Predators

Learn to recognize online dangers, foster safe digital habits, and create open communication channels to safeguard your children.

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Parents, protecting your children online has never been more critical than today.


Join award-winning Internet Safety Expert, Fareedah Shaheed, as she provides invaluable insights and practical strategies to protect your children from sextortion predators. This webinar is designed to equip parents with the knowledge and tools needed to create a safe online environment for their children.

Webinar Highlights:


  • Identify Online Threats: Learn to recognize common tactics used by sextortion predators. 


  • Establish Safe Digital Habits: Receive expert guidance on creating and maintaining safe online practices for your children.


  • Build Open Communication: Discover the importance of fostering open dialogue with your children about their online experiences.

What You Will Gain:


  • Digital Literacy: Gain a deeper understanding of the online landscape and how to navigate it safely.


  • Practical Safety Measures: Walk away with actionable strategies to protect your children from online dangers.


  • Empowerment: Feel confident in your ability to safeguard your children’s online activities.

Why Attend?


This webinar aligns with "Cell Phone Courtesy Month," emphasizing responsible technology use and proactive online safety measures. By attending, you’ll be better prepared to educate and empower your children in a digital world.

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Meet Fareedah!


Fareedah Shaheed is an Award-Winning Internet Safety Expert and a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree. She specializes in helping parents protect their kids online. Her work has been featured in Cisco, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, NASDAQ, NASA, FOX 25, FOX 46, FOX Carolina, AfroTech, Ebony Magazine, Yahoo!, NBC4, Worth Magazine, and many more.

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This webinar is an invaluable resource for parents, caregivers, and educators seeking to foster a culture of safety and awareness in the digital world. Don't miss this opportunity to empower yourself with the knowledge needed to protect your children from sextortion predators and other online dangers. Register now to secure your spot and take a proactive stance on digital safety for your family.