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Join one of our upcoming live events!

Each one is run by students and #ICANHELP’s award-winning trainers, so you’ll learn from multiple perspectives. Plus, all of our events are virtual, so you can participate from anywhere in the world. Topics include mental health and digital wellness, digital citizenship, online safety, and more! Get the latest tools and techniques along with digital downloads and other exclusive content.

Student Voices Webinar Series

Students are part of the solution! Attend our student voices webinars to hear directly from students about what they’re doing to tackle tough challenges like bullying, suicide prevention, and online safety and respect.

January Student Voices Webinar: Fresh Journey

2020 has been a rollercoaster, but a new year offers new hope. Join us on January 10 to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new! Our student speakers will share how they’re supporting mental health and digital wellness in 2021, as well as how you can promote unity on your campus to start the year off right!

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February Student Voices Webinar: Share The Love

In order to share the love with others, we first need have love for ourselves internally. Join us on February 7th as we share the love with peers and discuss how we can boost our own self-esteem. Our student speakers will be facilitating the discussion as they share their own journey to self-love, open up about teen dating and provide you with ways you can support your peers at your school as they nurture their leaves!

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