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Immerse yourself in a world where young minds harness technology to make a positive impact. Welcome to Digital4Good, the summit that’s sparking a global wave of student-led innovation.

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About Digital4Good

At Digital4Good, we are committed to showcasing and nurturing the remarkable potential of students using digital technology for positive community impact. Our Digital4Good Summit annually highlights ten outstanding student innovators who leverage digital media and technology to address significant challenges in social, economic, environmental, and educational realms.


This event transcends the traditional, unfolding as a globally accessible LiveStream event, offering a limitless virtual stage for these young trailblazers. These students are celebrated not only for their innovative solutions but also for the promise they hold as future leaders. They are paired with industry mentors, gaining invaluable insights and guidance to enhance their projects and amplify their impact.

Our mission extends beyond the annual summit; Digital4Good is a dynamic community that fosters innovation and leadership in the digital age. By joining our initiative, student innovators gain the opportunity to showcase their projects, connect with leading companies and organizations, and immerse themselves in an environment that champions the transformative power of digital technology.


We believe in empowering these young minds with the tools, education, and support they need to thrive. Digital4Good is where youthful creativity meets digital solutions, paving the way for a better and more innovative future. Join us in celebrating and supporting the next generation of digital innovators at the Digital4Good Summit.

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Witness the Ripple Effect of Student Innovation

Imagine a world where every innovative idea is nurtured, every young visionary is celebrated. At Digital4Good, we’re turning that vision into reality, showcasing how student-led digital solutions can make waves of positive change.

Ready to Create Change

Do you feel like you have a project that you can go back and implement in your school or work this year?

Inspiring Students

After attending Digital4Good, how empowered do you feel to create a positive change?

2024 Digital4Good Changemakers

Taanvi Arekapudi

Nexus: Mental Health Hub for Schools

Elisa Torres-Durney

Girls in Quantum

Areen Hashemi

Normalizing the Conversation

Sharada Suresh

Little Apple Academy

Jimin Lee


Saket Pathak

Learning Quest

Areli Rosales

915 Mental Health

Joseph Petraro

BE KIND Campaign

Gabriella Vernov


Sarina Vernov


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Your Support Fuels the Innovation Engine

We believe in the power of young minds and their potential to transform the digital landscape. By supporting Digital4Good, you’re not just sponsoring an event - you’re fueling the engine of innovation, empowering students to create a better tomorrow. Here's how you can support the Digital4Good Summit:

Become a Sponsor

Our sponsors play a crucial role in the facilitation of our annual summit. By sponsoring this event, you will provide critical support that will empower student leaders and innovators in their mission to use technology for good. Become an official sponsor of Digital4Good to uplift these students and to celebrate their remarkable achievements.

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Host a Watch Party

We partner with private companies, schools, and other nonprofit organizations to host Livestream watch parties to share our winning students’ achievements and inspirational stories with tens of thousands of people around the world. Host a watch party for your office, school, or other community organization! Viewing the Livestream is free (all you have to do is provide the snacks!)

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Become a Mentor

All of our winners receive mentorship from our community of professionals. Share your knowledge, expertise, and experience — become a mentor and empower these passionate students to change the world.

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Enter the Raffle

The All Rise Foundation has graciously donated some prize items to be given out to 4 lucky winners. All you need to do to enter is purchase a donation ticket of $10 for each entry, and 4 winners will be selected at random at our upcoming Digital4Good event.

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2024 Sponsors + Partners

Sponsors + Partners

2024 Individual Contributors

Chiko Scozzafava - Culture Reframed - Jenn Eckel - Joshua Lipka Design - Martin Hewlett - ReConnect - SafeBae - Shailesh Ambardekar

Sparking Connections, Shaping Futures

Digital4Good is more than a summit. It’s a launchpad for young innovators, connecting them with industry mentors, resources, and a global platform to showcase their transformative projects. Let’s open doors to limitless possibilities together.

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