Be A Student Change Maker

Learn how to be a positive digital citizen with school clubs, online student events, internship with #ICANHELP and volunteer programs. Available for ages 13+.


Club Kit

Students are the solution right now!

Here are the ways you can get involved with Digital4Good + #ICANHELP to promote a social change on your school campus or within your community. Together, we can fight social media negativity and learn to be better digital citizens.

Bring Digital4Good and #ICANHELP to your school!

We teach you how to start your own Digital4Good Chapter on your campus with our easy start-up kit.

Grab your friends and create a supportive student community to stop online drama in its tracks!

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Internship Program

Our nonprofit offers two internship programs focused on teaching digital citizenship, digital safety, and digital wellness to high school and college students.

By participating in our program, students will gain valuable knowledge and skills to become responsible and informed digital citizens, while also receiving hands-on experience in a variety of fields from Business Development to Marketing.

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Explore + Learn As A Volunteer

As a volunteer, there’s no minimum weekly time commitment, so it’s the most flexible option if you have a busy schedule. You can support our interns and specialists on a wide range of projects, including blog writing, video production, graphic design, social media, and more!

Once you’ve signed up, you can choose the projects you’d like to work on using our online portal. (Ages 13+)

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Join our monthly student-led webinar series featuring a panel of inspirational students who are making a difference in their communities. Each session, our panelists share how they use their platform or voice to promote positivity on their school campus and beyond.

As you learn about their projects and missions, you'll also gain valuable public speaking and presentation skills that will help you share your own ideas with confidence.

Don't miss this opportunity to be inspired and empowered by your fellow students!

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Free Student Resources

Looking for free resources to help you navigate the digital world safely and responsibly? We offer a variety of resources focused on digital citizenship, digital safety, and digital wellness for students of all ages. From practical tips for online privacy to guidance on developing healthy tech habits, our resources are designed to help you become a confident and informed digital citizen.

Start exploring today and take the first step towards a safer, more responsible digital future!

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