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We understand that every school is unique, so we've designed a variety of ways to embed our curriculum into your school calendar.

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Students are the core of the solution

We educate and empower students and educators to promote good use of technology, make a positive impact within communities, and help them to become inspirational digital citizens to prevent cyberbullying and other types of abuse.

Students are the core of the solution with #ICANHELP
#ICANHELP | Who Are We?


Who are we?

We are agents of change committed to creating awareness of the mental health and digital safety of students and adults.

Our daily work is focused on youth digital empowerment, and preventing cyberbullying or other types of abuse, through education and the promotion of student leadership.


Only 1 out of 10 teen victims will inform a parent or trusted adult of their online abuse


It's estimated that 90% of teens use and have access to social media. However, nearly 48% of teens do not turn to adults for help online and instead, turn to their peers for advice.

Educate, raise awareness, and empower students by promoting digital safety and behavior and how to face situations of cyberbullying and others types of harassment.

To transform future generations of students and educators based on digital awareness, digital safety, and digital wellness making a positive social impact within all communities.

We've trained over a 2.4 million students and educators and counting! Join the movement and bring digital citizenship education and positive change to your school campus.

About 37% of young people ages 12-17 said they have been bullied online


30% reported that it has happened more than once

Digital4Good is powered by three things:

Digital4Good is powered by #ICANHELP Lead, Educate, and Engage.

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What are we doing to ensure Digital Wellness & Safety at Digital4Good?

What are we doing to ensure Digital Wellness & Safety?

Digital4Good is an organization that teaches how social media can be a positive and safe space for all, through various courses, workshops, curricula, and school package presentations.

Educator / Parent Digital Safety Course

Help end cyberbullying and teach digital citizenship today!



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Students are the core of the solution.

We believe students can change the world by using Digital4Good. Through our internship, volunteering, and school clubs, we are empowering students to take action and use social media positively.

Learn how you can help us create innovative digital solutions that spread online positivity and make an impact in your local community and around the world.

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Students can get involved with Digital4Good!
Empowering Educators to train their students in Digital Citizenship.


Empower students through digital wellness and citizenship training.

When something positive or negative happens in the online digital world, students see it first. The more we can do to teach, guide, and support students in these negative situations, the more likely they are to take positive action.

Take one of our online courses or schedule a workshop or presentation to get the tools, training, and resources to teach students about mental health, digital wellness, and online safety.

Get Trained


Guide and support our student interns and volunteers.

Our mentors are instrumental in nurturing the talents and skills of our student volunteers. Share your experience and expertise to promote their professional development. 

Volunteer as a mentor and help support these student changemakers as they build positive online communities through social media and other digital technologies.

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Mentors help guide and support our student interns and volunteers at Digital4Good.
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