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Recognize your students who are using Digital4Good and join us for a night of baseball, tailgating, prizes, and more!

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To empower student changemakers and promote digital safety through our powerfully-relevant curriculum, hands-on training, and global social media community.

To transform how current and future generations of students use social media and digital technology in everyday life to make a positive impact—big or small.

We’ve trained over 2.4 million students and educators and counting! Join the movement and bring digital citizenship education and positive change to your community.

#ICANHELP is powered by three things:

  1. Student Leadership

  2. Digital Citizenship Education

  3. Community Engagement

Each arm supports the other, working together to help us grow and deepen our impact.










Social Media




Students are part of the solution

We believe students can change the world by using Digital4Good. Through our internship, volunteering, and school clubs, we’re empowering students to take action and use social media positively.

Learn how you can help us create innovative digital solutions that spread online positivity and make an impact in your local community and around the world.

Get Involved


Empower students through digital wellness and citizenship training. 

When something happens online, students see it first. The more we can do to train, guide, and support students online, the more likely they are to take positive action. 

Take one of our online courses or schedule a workshop or presentation to get the tools, training, and resources to teach students about mental health, digital wellness, and online safety. 

Get Trained


Guide and support our student interns and volunteers

Our mentors are instrumental in nurturing the talents and skills of our student volunteers. Share your experience and expertise to promote their professional development. 

Volunteer as a mentor and help support these student changemakers as they build positive online communities through social media and other digital technologies.

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We can all be digital changemakers

Start your digital citizenship journey with our FREE introductory online course

What Schools Are Saying

"When our teachers can see the true value of an activity, ease of execution, and a ready-made lesson that can fit into their classroom, buy-in goes way up! That’s why I love the #ICANHELP curriculum. I’m able to provide valuable lessons that generate meaningful discussions and inspire positive action among our students with the support of our teachers who appreciate the format and clarity of each lesson plan and activity. I can see the effects of the classroom learning when witnessing positive interactions around campus and on our social media sites."

Annette Damien, MS, PPS
Director of Student Activities, Chaminade Middle School

"#ICANHELP provides valuable and relevant information for students, parents, and educators regarding social media. I walked away with so many tips and ideas on how to help our students use social media in a positive way. I also appreciate the information and resources that were provided to share with parents of our school community who are looking for ways to help their children navigate social media. I encourage parents to attend #ICANHELP workshops and partner with schools to keep our students safe in the digital world."

Tina Miller, Principal
Bella Vista Middle School

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