For Educators

Digital wellness training for teachers, administrators, and counselors on media and technology.


Training workshops and online courses to promote digital wellness, online safety, and digital citizenship.

Our “Train the Trainer” model makes it easy to use the lessons and materials in your own classroom.

Just because students are tech-savvy doesn’t mean they know how to behave online—enter teachers.

With the right guidance and support, students of all ages can learn to use digital for good. Let’s empower students to protect themselves, stand up for their peers, and become positive digital changemakers.


In-Person and Virtual Training & Presentations

Live training workshops and presentations facilitated by our award-winning instructors. Every school has unique challenges and opportunities, so schedule training to get personalized education, recommendations, and strategies for your campus or district.

Customized Student Presentations


Invite our expert instructors to speak to your students directly in an in-person or live virtual presentation to teach them about online safety, respect, and responsibility. 

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Digital First Responder Training


This training will teach educators and student leaders how to train and inspire others to take action when they see something harmful online.

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Digital Wellness Training


This training will teach you how to help students thrive and find balance in our digital world. Key areas of focus are mental health and emotional support. 

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Peer-to-peer workshops with videos, downloadable lesson plans, activities and materials.

Digital Citizenship Student Curriculum


Our award-winning curriculum teaches students how to engage safely and responsibly online. Through short interactive lessons, students will learn how to respond to online negativity, report inappropriate behavior, and positive, safe ways to engage with social media and digital technology.

Designed to provide scripted lessons for anyone on a school campus responsible for training students, teachers, and/or staff about cybersecurity, cyberbullying, and the importance of teaching best practices on social media.

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Social Media Literacy Curriculum


Normally $795

Give your students the lessons and activities they need to use social media safely and responsibly. By discussing and practicing real-world scenarios in a safe environment, students will learn about the impact social media can have on their lives—now and in the future.

Use this curriculum to teach students how to stay safe, build a personal brand, and create a positive and healthy relationship with social media and digital technology.

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Self-guided online classes with videos and downloadable lesson plans and materials.

Digital Safety Video Course


Normally: $295

This course is for educators, parents, and guardians who want to learn how to set boundaries, offer support, and incorporate teachable moments into the home or school routines to show students what appropriate online behavior and tech use looks like.

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Student Digital Citizenship Video Course


Digital citizenship is a critical part of engaging with the world today, and we believe that every student has the power to make a positive difference online. Unlimited individual student access codes to be used for your entire school or as a digital restorative justice program. 

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Admin Course: Digital Policy & Response


When drama hits, don’t get caught flat-footed. Learn how to design effective, fair, and transparent social media and technology policies, along with incident response plans for your school.

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Club Package Annual Membership




Club Package Annual Membership

Keep your school engaged in digital wellness and citizenship activities all year long! Our annual membership offers exclusive training materials, activities, and webinars every month to support your students and teachers as they work together to build a positive online community and campus culture.


School District Packages

We’ve created education packages to help school districts support every campus! Give your schools the training and resources they need to teach students to be good digital citizens and get a discount in the bargain!
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Includes all of this:

  • Digital Citizenship Student Curriculum

  • Student Online Digital Citizenship Video Course
  • Online Digital Safety Course



Includes everything in Basic, and:

  • Virtual Digital Wellness or Digital First Responder Training (20 students)

  • School Presentation

  • Club Package Annual Membership



Includes everything in Growth, and:

  • Admin Digital Policy + Response Course
  • Virtual Parent Presentation

Digital Rockstar


Includes everything in Beyond, and:

  • Train the Trainer


Resource Library

Digital Wellness

Access our partnership library of free mental health activities and downloads to support your students’ digital wellness.

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Digital Safety

Explore our collection of digital safety worksheets to help you communicate the importance of digital safety with your school community.


Social Media

Take a peek at today's most popular social networking Apps for our youth. Basic usage info, age restrictions, etc


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