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You can make a difference in the lives of others. Students who experience cyberbullying are looking for digital empowerment.



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Since 2013, we have trained over 2.5 million students and educators on how to use Digital4Good and promote digital positivity and wellness.

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Advocate To End Cyberbullying

Together, we can end cyberbullying and other types of digital harassment, but it’s going to require an active partnership that involves educators, businesses, students, and YOU. We’re honored and grateful to have you on our side.

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95% of teens in the U.S are online, and the vast majority access the internet on their mobile devices, making it the most common medium for cyberbullying.

23% of students reported that they have said or done something mean or cruel to another person online. 27% reported that they have experienced the same from someone else.

Girls are more likely than boys to be both victims and perpetrators of cyberbullying. 15% of teen girls have been the target of at least four different kinds of abusive online behaviors, compared with 6& of boys.

About half of LGBTQ+ students experience online harassment - a rate higher than average.

With donations, we are getting closer to supporting students, communities, and companies interested in being good digital citizens, having digital empowerment... and being a digital changemaker.

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"When our teachers can see the true value of an activity, ease of execution, and a ready-made lesson that can fit into their classroom, buy-in goes way up! That’s why I love the #ICANHELP curriculum. I’m able to provide valuable lessons that generate meaningful discussions and inspire positive action among our students with the support of our teachers who appreciate the format and clarity of each lesson plan and activity. I can see the effects of classroom learning when witnessing positive interactions around campus and on our social media sites."

Annette Damien, MS, PPS
Director of Student Activities, Chaminade Middle School

"#ICANHELP provides valuable and relevant information for students, parents, and educators regarding social media. I walked away with so many tips and ideas on how to help our students use social media in a positive way. I also appreciate the information and resources that were provided to share with parents of our school community who are looking for ways to help their children navigate social media. I encourage parents to attend #ICANHELP workshops and partner with schools to keep our students safe in the digital world."

Tina Miller, Principal
Bella Vista Middle School

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When you become a monthly donor, you become someone we can count on to help students facing digital harassment. You will receive in-depth information on #ICANHELP's work and future growth opportunities.

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Many students who join #ICANHELP or participate in a course have experienced cyberbullying or witnessed it. You will learn about digital citizenship and share your knowledge with others.

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