A 5-Day On-Demand Series about Mental Health & Wellness

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Day 2
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Day 1: Making Mental Health a Daily Priority

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.

Join us today as we learn how to Make Mental Health Your Priority.

Our first speaker is Rob Morris from Koko. Rob shows us how to build resilience and gives awesome tips to help us when we feel stressed.

Rob Morris is the co-founder of Koko — a behavioral health platform that has served 2M people, mostly adolescents. Most recently, he was a staff data scientist at Airbnb and an entrepreneur in residence at Hopelab.

Rob earned his AB in psychology from Princeton University and his master's and Ph.D. in media arts and sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

His interests lie at the intersection of artificial intelligence, social computing, and digital interventions for mental health. He is an award-winning designer and his work has been featured in Wired, NPR, Fast Company, and The Huffington Post, among others.

Digital Wellness Series:
Remove Toxic Pages

  • What are your peers thinking?
  • What do you do when your feed is filled with toxic pages?
  • How can you remove toxic pages and content from your social media accounts? 

Digital Wellness Series: 
Self Acceptance

  • Do you catch yourself comparing yourself to other individuals?
  • How do you think social media affects comparison?
  • Do you filter and limit the content that you consume?
  • What can you do today to help with this?

Content Creator Corner: 
Social Media & Body Positivity

Karis Hortin (@karishortin) weighs in on making mental health a priority. Great tips to remember when scrolling through social media.

Day 2: Shoulder to Lean On

Today is all about learning how to Be the Shoulder to Lean on. We will be joined by Vicki Harrison to discuss ways we can support and bring comfort to our loved ones during difficult times.

By becoming more aware of how our behavior impacts our relationships, we can all learn how to be better friends and pillars of support.

Our next guest speaker is Vicki Harrison from the Stanford Department of Psychiatry. 

Vicki has over twenty years of experience working within the public health, education and mental health sectors developing innovative, community-based programs at local, state and national levels.

As Program Director of Stanford Psychiatry’s Center for Youth Mental Health &  Wellbeing, she directs a portfolio of projects promoting early intervention and increased access to mental health services for young people, including Allcove, a new, integrated youth mental  health model in the U.S. and a Media and Mental Health Initiative, partnering with the media, mental health and technology sectors to enhance positive impacts of media on youth mental  health and wellbeing.

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Digital Wellness Series:
Take A Real Break

  • Do you ever feel as though your interactions online can replace your interactions in person?

  • What are the most notable differences in how online vs. in-person interactions make you feel?

  •  Do you ever use social media and the internet to drown out the world around you? Why?

  •  Which app would you choose to take a break from and why?

Content Creator Corner: 
Sometimes You Need To Take A Break

Gracie Yvonne reminds us that is ok to take a break from social media, especially when we feel like we need it.

Day 3: Protecting Your Time

Poor time management can lead to anxiety-induced decisions that are unhealthy for our minds and bodies: cramming, poor sleep habits, and a lack of balance. Today we will show you how to prioritize tasks, set up efficient routines, and set healthy limits for activities and responsibilities.

Michael will demonstrate how technology can be used to your advantage to set realistic goals, stick to deadlines, and get more done– all whilst setting healthy boundaries at school or in the workplace.

Michael A. Campbell is a Global Head of Education responsible for leading the Education consumer and commercial segments at Intel Corporation. With a focus on education, he is responsible for influencing Intel’s product and platform strategy; working with OEM partners to optimize product portfolios; defining the best learning outcome experiences on Intel-based devices; and influencing the company’s go-to-market strategy in partnership with marketing and sales teams.   

Michael holds a BA in Political Science & International Relations from Carleton College and an MBA in Marketing & International Business from the University of Wisconsin. He also studied Political Science & Cultural Studies at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan

Digital Wellness Series:
Feeling the Need to Respond

This video demonstrates how mental health can affect sleep, work, and friendship. Learning to create space for yourself is critical.

  • Is there one activity that is getting in the way of your success? 
  • How do you set limits to help you be successful?
  • How can you support your friends to feel successful?

Content Creator Corner: 
Digital Wellness Tips

Emma Katy (@the.emma.katy) weighs in with several tips to help you protect your time as well as consider your perspective when using social media.

Day 4: Beating Burnout

What exactly is burnout and how can we combat it? Karina Bernacki from VSCO! will discuss the difference between burnout and stress. She will help us understand what causes burnout and ways to counter it. Karina excels at breaking down the contributing factors and looking at personal supports with specific examples to help us battle burn out.

Karina Bernacki is a dynamic coach, advisor, and mental health advocate. She has a fine-tuned talent for leadership development, diversity and inclusion, and supporting the rollout of large-scale agile transformations across a variety of industries. Throughout the course of her career, Karina has built an expertise and passion for helping organizations and the people behind them thrive in a rapidly changing, deeply connected world. 

Karina currently serves as VP of People and Spaces at VSCO, a mobile app that provides tools to empower Serious Creators to fall in love with their own creativity. She is also the CEO & Founder of Unraveled, LLC., an organization designed to support start-ups and enterprise companies as they manage human systems and transformational change. Previously, Karina has held leadership roles at consumer, B2B, and management consulting firms such as JP Morgan Chase & Co., McKinsey & Company, Twitter, and Aritzia, among others.

Digital Wellness Series:
Social Media Before Bed

  • Do you ever get sucked into the social media rabbit hole? Explain the last time that happened.

  • Do you notice how social media usage before bed affects you?

  • Do you notice changes in your schoolwork or sleep patterns? 

  • What boundaries can you set on social media so you don’t overwhelm yourself?

  • Would you benefit from turning off social media 30 minutes or more before bed?

Content Creator Corner: 
Men’s Mental Health & Social Media

Jacob (@getevengram) talks about helping men develop their mental health when it comes to social media. What is your focus?

Day 5: Students & Educators Partnering to Reduce Stress

It is exciting and stressful to leave home and live on your own. Today we showcase with Sompa Adhya-Taylor from the University of Miami and student Leah Cohen about the biggest surprises and how to plan and reduce stress of launching into college.

Over the last 21 years, Sompa Adhya-Taylor, a licensed clinical social worker, has served and empowered hundreds of college students and adults, most notably at the University of Miami as an Associate Dean of Students and Case Manager and at Johnson & Wales University as the Director of Counseling Services and currently within her own private practice.

With her extensive background in the mental health field, Sompa serves adults and their families who are experiencing transitionary periods in their lives and aims to empower them to break free from patterns while taking control of their life.

Digital Wellness Series:
Need To Tell Someone

  • If you are struggling, what are ways that you can reach out for help on social media? What about outside of social media? 
  • What are signs exhibited on social media that someone is going through a tough time? What about in-person?
  • In what ways can you support your peers who express that they are struggling or that they need help?

Content Creator Corner: 
Resist Engaging in Negativity

Camille (@camillyy_b) weighs in on how and why you should avoid engaging negativity online.

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