About Us

See something, say something.

We are Digital4Good and #ICANHELP

After an incident on social media targeted a school teacher and spread like wildfire, Digital4Good + #ICANHELP was dreamed into fruition to ensure nothing like that would happen again. We actively develop online safety, digital wellness, digital citizenship and positivity programs to train students how to be Digital First Responders.

Since 2013, we have trained thousands of students while being headstrong with our mission to empower students and educators around the globe to use digital for good. Students are the first line of defense against cyberbullying attacks, which is why our organization is full of student interns and volunteers.

Why Digital4Good + #ICANHELP?


We are agents of change committed to creating awareness of digital safety and the digital wellness of students and educators.


Our daily work is focused on youth digital empowerment, and to prevent cyberbullying or other types of online abuse, through education and the promotion of student leadership.

Digital4Good is powered by three things:

  1. Student Leadership

    • Interns
    • Volunteers
    • Mentors
  2. Digital Citizenship Education

    • Curriculums
    • Courses
    • Training
  3. Community Engagement

    • Social Media
    • Events
    • Webinars

Each arm supports the other, working together to help us grow and deepen our impact.

Meet The Leadership Team


Kim Karr


Josh Lipka

Creative Director

Lola Bessis

Lead Intern

Alexa Negrete

Social Impact Manager

Saliha Yousaf

Marketing Manager

Erin Acevedo

Content Editor

Christina Springstead

Virtual Strategic Bookkeeper

Marisa McAdams

Administrative Assistant

Mitch Winterlin

PR Intern Coordinator

Jordyn Nakaguma

Media Intern Coordinator

Jaya Singhal

Marketing Intern Coordinator

Jackson LaCroix

Video Content Producer

Heidi Barker

Lead Mentor

Meet The Intern Leaders


Caden Ketchman

Public Relations Intern

Maya Tarantino

Recruiting Intern

Stephanie Patrick

Advocacy + Inclusion Intern

Ashni Patel

Digital Media Intern

Kate Dailey

Digital Media Intern

Gavin Case

Video Production Intern

Karmen Long

Graphic Design Intern

Abbey Woods

Marketing Intern

Sonia Cherian

Content Creation Intern

Meet Our Intern Mentors


Samira Searcy

Public Relations Mentor

Chre Davis

Recruiting Mentor

LaPora Lindsey

Advocacy + Inclusion Mentor

Heidi Marker

Digital Media Mentor

Selena Conmackie

Video Production Mentor

Maira Ahkter

Graphic Design Mentor

Dory Caplin

Marketing Mentor

Heath Wolfield

Content Creation Mentor

Meet Our Board Members


Chiko Scozzafava


Thomas Varghese

Vice President

Kim Karr

Executive Director

Ash Ambardekar


Molly Anderson


Lola Bessis

Student Rep

Alexa Negrete


Brandon Farbstein


Lisa Dabbs


Ogechi Ikhile


Help End Cyberbullying Today


Children and young people under 25 who are victims of cyberbullying are more than twice as likely to self-harm and enact suicidal behavior.

Your support of #ICANHELP's prevention work will make a world of difference.