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Learn about digital citizenship, digital safety, and digital wellness with free webinar events. Get LinkedIn and career advice from our mentors.

How our webinar events can help you!

Are you looking to learn more about digital citizenship, safety and wellness from the student perspective? Do you need help with building your LinkedIn profile and crafting a professional resume?

We offer a variety of webinars to help you understand and navigate the digital world. Our experienced students and mentors will walk you through creating a strong digital presence and offer guidance on developing your skills. Join us today and start building your digital presence safely!

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Make a positive impact with Digital4Good + #ICANHELP and learn relevant, real-world skills today!

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Students4Good Events

Join fellow students who are promoting and presenting how they are using their digital platform for good and spreading awareness of their mission.

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Your Legacy

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Empower Fellow Peers - Start an #ICANHELP Club

Life Is Beautiful

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Digital Citizenship, Safety, and Wellness Events

Want to know what you can do to be a better person while online? Learn tips and tricks on how to combat online negativity and how you can spread positivity.

Empower Fellow Peers - Start an #ICANHELP Club

Weekly Video Series

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