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You can turn your students into Digital First Responders

Through regional training, Digital4Good prepares teachers, counselors, resource officers and administrators to train students to become peer mentors. Our goal is to prepare students, who can be organized through leadership classes or clubs, to help mentor students in need. Students and staff will work with the community and other schools by modeling positive online behavior, and promoting mental health awareness. The Train the Trainer package creates an ongoing opportunity at schools to complement existing programs that create a positive school culture and climate.

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Attendees should be in the form of professional organizations and school teams with up to 4 faculty members and 10 students.

School Teams must include:

  • A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 student leaders in grades 7-12
  • At least one adviser, activity director, counselor or teacher
  • At least one school leader (e.g., assistant principal, principal, safety director, resource officer or dean of students)


In this one-day training, Digital4Good prepares teachers, counselors, resource officers, administrators, and student leaders to train students to become peer mentors and digital citizenship leaders. After the workshop, schools will have the knowledge and resources to work with their students and community by modeling positive online behavior, teaching digital safety & citizenship, and promoting mental health awareness and wellness. 

The Train the Trainer workshop complements existing programs that create a positive school culture and climate by adding digital citizenship and digital wellness components.


Participants will:

  • Receive the time, space, training, and tools to collaborate and develop ideas to put them into action
  • Learn to recognize and understand current social media trends to engage with students proactively
  • Learn key strategies to support mental health awareness and digital wellness
  • Customize student engagement strategies to increase digital citizenship participation and awareness in their schools
  • Build relationships with fellow student leaders and educators that will become your network for support during and after the workshop

"I was nervous about having to teach digital literacy until I came to this training and actually walked out with lessons that are ready to implement in the classroom. The amount of detail and direction they provide for these lessons is above and beyond!"

Chrissy L.
Somers High School Teacher

Peer-to-Peer Benefits

Foster Student Empowerment

Equip students with leadership skills to become peer mentors, promoting positive online behavior and digital wellness.

Elevate Digital Citizenship

Build a responsible online community as students learn to navigate social media responsibly, ensuring a safer digital environment.

Prioritize Mental Health

Address mental health stigma by training students to support peers, spreading awareness, and creating a culture of well-being

Workshop Materials & Resources:

Each school team and professional organization will receive the following materials and resources to use in their communities:


  • 365-Day Access to our Digital Citizenship Curriculum
  • Two presentations about how to use social media responsibly
  • Social Media Emergency Plan


Workshop Participants Must Commit to:

  • Attend the full session from 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM with the total number of participants indicated in your registration.
  • Take steps following the program to train their student body and staff to be good digital citizens.
  • Take the Pre and Post surveys

Workshop Schedule

  • 8:30am Start 
    • Vision 
    • Intro #ICANHELP Powerpoint 
    • Issues 
    • Why 
    • Curriculum 
  • 10:30-10:40 Break 
  • 10:40 Social Media Emergency Plan 
    • Action Plan 
    • Digital Wellness 
  • 12:20 #IWILLHELP Action Plan 
  • 12:30 Closing

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