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Equip Educators and Empower Students with Essential Online Safety and Wellness Skills.

Unlock Your Potential as a Digital Citizen: Comprehensive Online Courses and Resources for Educators, Students, and Parents

Welcome to your hub for comprehensive digital citizenship courses and resources. We empower educators, students, and parents alike, imparting crucial skills for the digital world. Whether you're seeking to instill positive online behavior, create robust digital policies, or enhance school engagement through social media, we have a course tailored for you.Ā 

Learn to set healthy tech boundaries, encourage positive digital interactions, and handle online crises effectively. With Digital4Good, you're on your way to fostering a resilient digital community, nurturing tech-savvy, responsible digital citizens, and making the online world a safer, more inclusive space. Explore our offerings and let's transform the digital landscape together.

Educator + Parent Digital Safety Course:

Empower students with positive online behavior through structured tech boundaries and teachable moments. This course is ideal for educators, parents, and guardians committed to demonstrating appropriate digital etiquette and safety at home or school.

Online Safety Course

Student Digital Citizenship Video Course:

In the digital age, each student can make a positive online impact. This course offers an engaging exploration of digital citizenship, encouraging responsible digital interactions. Gain unlimited access for your entire school, making it an excellent restorative justice tool.

Student Video Course

Admin Digital Policy & Response Course:

Digital technology and social media, while beneficial, can present challenges. This course aids school administrators in crafting fair, effective, and transparent tech policies, coupled with robust incident response plans to mitigate risk and misuse.

Admin Course

Building Trust + Safety Video Course:

Harness the power of digital technology to foster trust and ensure safety. This course guides administrators and educators in creating a trusted school environment while developing programs and policies that safeguard the school community.

Trust + Safety Course

School Campus Social Media Engagement Course:

Boost your school's digital footprint while connecting with students in their online sphere. This course provides you with strategies to enhance social media engagement, fostering a vibrant, inclusive online community around your school.

Social Engagement Course

Social Media Emergency Plan:

Effectively handle digital crises with our comprehensive Social Media Emergency Plan. Armed with practical "how-to" videos, this course provides the tools to manage online incidents, ensuring the safety of students and staff amidst cyber threats and bullying.

Social Emergency Plan

21-Day Digital Wellness Challenge:

Embark on a transformative journey to reset your digital habits and cultivate healthier online relationships. By participating, you'll enhance your mental health, wellbeing, and presence in the digital world. It's a fresh start for you and your digital life and for a healthier tomorrow.

Digital Wellness Challenge

Why Choose Our Programs?

In the age of smartphones and omnipresent digital technology, our programs are more relevant and necessary than ever. Here are some compelling reasons why:

Prevalence of Cyberbullying: Research shows that nearly 37% of young people between the ages of 12 and 17 have been bullied online. Our courses provide effective strategies to prevent and respond to such incidents, fostering a safer online environment.

Mental Health Concerns: The constant connectivity and online peer pressure have contributed to a significant increase in anxiety and depression among teens. Through digital wellness and safety education, our programs help in creating a balanced digital environment.

Suicide Prevention: Studies indicate that there's been a concerning increase in suicide rates among teens in recent years, with a notable link to cyberbullying and online harassment. Our courses guide educators and parents to detect early warning signs and respond appropriately.

Digital Citizenship: In today's digital era, every interaction can potentially leave a lasting footprint. Our courses teach students the importance of their digital actions and how they can contribute positively online.

Importance of Boundaries: With nearly 95% of teens having access to a smartphone, setting healthy boundaries is crucial. Our programs empower parents and educators to establish and maintain these boundaries, promoting healthier tech use.

Building Resilience: Our programs help schools and districts build a resilient online community that can effectively handle digital crises, safeguarding the well-being of all members.

Improved Learning Outcomes: Digital wellness correlates strongly with improved academic performance and overall well-being. Our courses equip students with the skills to effectively use digital tools for learning, contributing to better outcomes.

Investing in our programs is investing in a safer, healthier digital future for our youth. Make a difference today.

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