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Social Media Emergency Plan

When campus threats, cyberbullying, or other dangerous online behaviors arise, school leaders need a plan to take action and keep students and staff safe.

#ICANHELP has developed a Social Media Emergency Plan to equip schools with the tools and resources to handle social media incidents quickly, safely, and efficiently.

The plan includes:

Social Media Risk Assessments

These assessments break down incidents by risk level and recommend the best actions to resolve them.

Investigation Checklists

The investigation checklists list all pertinent information and items administrators need to collect to investigate harmful social media incidents.

Admin Letter Templates

These templates may be used to communicate with parents about potential or active safety threats to their children. The letters are pre-written but can be edited and personalized as the school site administration deems fit.

Crisis Response Plan

The crisis response plan is a template for administrators and staff to develop a strategy in case of an immediate threat to campus safety.

Incident Report Forms

This form helps standardize incident reports and empowers students, administrators, faculty, and staff to report digital incidents. The form is also available online as a Google Form template; it can be copied, customized, and posted to the school’s website or social media pages.

And much, much more!

Launching January 2023

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The complete plan will be available beginning in January 2023, but you can download our investigation checklist now, for FREE, while you wait!

Start taking action today to protect and support students on social media and we’ll notify you when the entire plan launches. 


Cyberbullying Investigation Checklist