Make A Difference On Your Campus

Inspire your peers and friends to take action against online negativity by starting your own Digital4Good Club in your school.

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Start A Digital4Good Club

You and your friends can create a supportive student community and stop online drama in its tracks. Empower your fellow students to be digital changemakers with activities, contests, and more!

Empower Fellow Peers - Start an #ICANHELP Club

Empower Fellow Peers

Spread awareness for digital safety + wellness and transform your campus.

Expand Your Resume - Start an #ICANHELP Club

Expand Your Resume

Create a chapter and take part in projects that will strengthen your resume.

Cultivate Leadership Skills - Start an #ICANHELP Club

Cultivate Leadership Skills

Learn to guide others and harness the traits of a great leader.

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What's Included?

Resources to guide you through the essentials of starting and running a Digital4Good club or chapter on campus.

Step-by-step Guide

Learn 8 steps to take to officially start your own chapter or club on your campus.

Step-by-step Guide To Start A Digital Safety Club
Monthly Calendar of Activities with #ICANHELP Club

Monthly Calendar

These ideas for each monthly theme can be used for hosting events online and on your campus.

Motivational Posters

PDF's you can print and hang up around your campus or within your club meeting room.

Motivational Posters with #ICANHELP Club
Group Activities with #ICANHELP Club

Group Activities

Promote school positivity by getting your classmates involved in games and activities to promote school spirit!

Download Your Startup Kit

Get the roadmap to success and launch your own digital safety and wellness chapter on your school campus!

One of our PR Reps may occasionally check in with you to see how things are going.