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How It All Began

Kim Karr started #ICANHELP in 2011 after seeing the destructive power of online negativity firsthand. An anonymous user created a simple, yet destructive Facebook page targeting a teacher at her school. Over the next two weeks, one thousand students followed the page, with many commenting and fueling the fire. One student finally stepped up and reported the page, ending the school-wide drama. 

Kim took action to ensure nothing like that would ever happen at her school again.


She developed an online safety and positivity program and trained students to become Digital First Responders. A year later, a similar page popped up and targeted the same teacher, only this time, the students were ready. Not only did no one follow the page, but over thirty students took action and left positive comments supporting the teacher. The page was taken down within 24 hours, a positive ending made possible through student education and empowerment.

Since Kim and her Co-Founder Matt Soeth officially launched the nonprofit in 2013, #ICANHELP has trained thousands of students to be Digital First Responders. We’re on a mission to empower students from around the world to use digital for good. 

We believe students should be part of the solution, which is why our student interns and volunteers are hands-on leaders in our organization. Learn more about our incredible team of educators, students, and mentors below!

Meet Our Mentors & Interns

Kim Karr


Kim was a middle school teacher for 13 years and co-founded #ICANHELP in 2013. She is a leading motivational speaker, curriculum developer, and leadership trainer. Kim is continuously working to make the world a better place and empower youth. She guides and supports our student internship program and has big plans for the future of #ICANHELP and Digital4Good! Kim is excited to work side-by-side with students to be stronger together and lead them to new opportunities greater than they could’ve imagined!

Malorie Bournazian

Lead Intern

Malorie was a 2018 Digital4Good Winner, part of the 2019 student internship program, and is now #ICANHELP’s Lead Intern! She is a junior at University of Nevada, Las Vegas and is working towards a degree in Journalism and Media Studies. Mal believes in the power of social media and wants to help inspire students to find their purpose through their passions! She is #ICANHELP’s biggest cheerleader and we are so lucky to have her on our team! She constantly works to foster the #ICANHELP family and challenges us to dream big!

Mitch Winterlin

Public Relations Intern

Mitch joined our team as the 2020-2021 #ICANHELP Public Relations Intern! He will be an incoming freshman at the University of Iowa in the fall and will double major in education and psychology. In high school, Mitch was involved in activities from student council, to science club, and even musicals! He is working towards a career as a high school teacher to advise student leadership organizations. Mitch’s passion is to inspire others to make the world a better place!

Marissa Dyer


Marissa graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Premedical. Currently, she is a medical assistant and is working her way towards medical school! When Marissa moved after college, she left behind the presidency of Splash Pals: a volunteer organization that coordinated and planned events to connect and play with members of the disabled community. Marissa felt like something was missing in her life once she left Splash Pals and the position of a New Member Educator for over 60 members in her sorority. She hopes to provide her group with knowledge, positivity, enthusiasm, and motivation! Marissa is ready to make a difference in people’s lives for the rest of her life!

Jessica Less

Recruiting Intern

Jessica is #ICANHELP’s Recruitment Intern and is excited to start her first year with this organization! Jess will be a junior at the University of Central Florida in the fall as she is double majoring in Accounting and Journalism. She hopes to work in New York City with a possible career path ranging anywhere from accounting to entertainment. Jess is so excited to be part of this team this year, and we are so excited to have her!

Hunter Wittholt


Hunter has always been involved in community enrichment. He began volunteering at Give Kids The World and continued volunteering throughout college. Hunter decided to pursue the career as a physician, a position that fulfills both of his passions for science and for helping others! He hopes to begin his medical journey soon and is currently applying to medical schools for the 2021 cycle. Hunter can’t wait to reach the day in which he is able to create a positive environment for patients, and help them live a healthier and happier life. In the meantime, Hunter is excited to begin his journey with #ICANHELP!

Ieva Silksaliete

International Recruitment Intern

We are so excited to have Ieva part of our team this year as the #ICANHELP International Recruitment Intern! Ieva lives in Latvia and is ready to expand #ICANHELP’s reach to a global audience. She is currently in medical school and believes that one of the purposes in life is to help others and your community! She believes that every obstacle is an opportunity to grow! Ieva is leading the International Recruitment Committee with the guidance and support from #ICANHELP’s International Recruitment Committee Mentor, Leslie Maunsbach!

Leslie Maunsbauch


Leslie is a serial entrepreneur among many other things such as a content developer and business owner! Leslie obtained her master’s degree in digital management from Hyper Island, Sweden/Teeside University in England, as well as an MBA from Stockholm University. Leslie acts as a mentor for those aspiring to start their own business and are working towards achieving their goals. She is interested in customer insights to drive business growth. Leslie believes in the power of content to understand customers co-creating loved products and services to grow! Leslie is so excited to be mentoring the International Recruitment Committee this year!

Alexa Negrete

Digital Media Intern

Alexa was a winner at the first Digital4Good event in 2017 and has been working with #ICANHELP since middle school! Alexa has been part of the internship program for the past three years and is our Digital Media Intern this year. She will be attending Northern Arizona University in the fall as an incoming freshman majoring in Early Childhood Education and minoring in Psychology. Alexa’s goals include obtaining a Master’s degree in education and continuing into a career as a Child Life Specialist. She wants to ensure that all children meet their early childhood milestones, no matter their circumstances. Alexa is passionate about amplifying student voices and is constantly trying to add some light to the world!

Heidi Barker


Heidi has experience revolved around education and helping others. She is currently working from home as a Regional Coordinator for Mauney and Associates who works the Department of Family Services (what most people refer to as CPS). Heidi is an Instructional Designer, a Teacher, and a Trainer with experiences that include curriculum development, the assessment cycle, and adult education to name a few. In Heidi’s personal and professional life, she’s constantly learning and she is always ready for a challenge!

Aathavan Senthilkuma

Graphic Design Intern

Aathavan is #ICANHELP’s amazing Graphic Design Intern for the 2020-2021 term! Aathavan will be a rising high-school senior in the fall and hopes to major in Mechanical Engineering in the future. He has a passion for drawing, painting, and design and can’t wait to use these skills to-wards #ICANHELP projects! Not only does Aathavan want to educate and empower through #ICANHELP, but he also has the same goal for an organization he co-founded called Students Next Door, aiming to create beneficial change in his community.

Christina Bowley


Christina obtained her Master’s in Political Communications at the State University of New York and is currently in her second year working to obtain her Doctorate of Education. She plans to pursue a lifelong commitment to educational leadership and administration! With a passion for working with first-generation students, Christina designates her days to their health and wellbeing with a strong emphasis on providing support for their personal growth. She is passionate about providing a safe space online and providing support while working with students to delete negativity and allow students to learn and grow online in a positive environment!

Flor Neri

Video Production Intern

Flor is part of the #ICANHELP team this year as our Video Production Intern! She will be attending CSU, Stanislaus in the fall planning to major in Communications on a Multimedia track. Her career goal is to pursue a career as a media producer for a professional sports team. Flor is excited to continue her leadership work from her ASB high school experience and carry her leadership skills over to #ICANHELP! In this new role, she will pursue her goals to motivate and inspire students to spread positivity online. Flor is very driven and is ready to make a difference through #ICAN-HELP this year!

Heather Shultz


Heather is a speaker, trainer, consultant, author, and a mom! Heather attended Central Michigan University and has a degree in the field of nursing. She has worked with HBO, appeared in People Magazine along with numerous radio and television specials. Heather loves working with students and can't wait to dive into her role with #ICANHELP!

Shivani Viswanathan

Marketing Intern

Shivani will be a rising high-school senior in Maryland, and hopes to major in Neuroscience and/or Psychology! She is also interested in Business and Marketing and is planning on minoring in those subjects! Her hobbies include singing and dancing, as well as advocating for social issues! Her goal from this experience is to grow as a leader and help make a change in the world!

Justin Rambo


Justin is a Personal Development Coach. Throughout Justin’s life, the odds were stacked against him. That being said, Justin prevailed and by age 26 he succeeded in his third attempt in college and earned his bachelor’s degree! Two years later by age 28, Justin opened his first business! In 2019, Justin formed Versatile Success LLC, launched the Versatile Success Podcast, and wrote the book ‘Turn Down The Noise’. Justin is excited to share how the power of personal development will positively change your life as he channels his work into guiding the #ICANHELP team!

Jordan Sanchez

Content Creation Intern

Jordan has taken on the role as #ICANHELP’s 2020-2021 Content Creation Intern! Jordan has always had a passion for writing and is currently writing her own novel! She is studying physics and computer science as a rising sophomore at Harvard University. She’s also been a beauty queen for the past four years! One of Jordan’s projects that she is currently working on is her TikTok, @happiejordan. She uses her account to share advice with high school and college students! Jordan is excited to share her passions with #ICANHELP and let her talents shine!

Brenden Kumarasamy


Brenden is the founder of MasterTalk, a YouTube channel he started to help the world master the art of public speaking and communication. He coaches purpose-driven entrepreneurs on how to master their message and share their ideas with the world. #ICANHELP is so lucky to have Jordan and Brenden, they are a force to be reckoned with!

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