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Power Band Bracelet Winners Are Everyday Digital Heroes

Uncategorized Jan 25, 2022

 Drum roll please! December’s 6 Power Band winners are: Nihal Chowdhury (19), Nicky Samson (29), Kylie Richelle (19), James Garcia (22), Bhavini Patel (23), and Chloe Michaels (17). They were selected to receive their special gift from Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge’s nonprofit All Rise!

This is part of #ALLRISE2HELP, a collaboration between Aaron Judge’s ALL RISE Foundation and #ICANHELP, to celebrate and promote positivity online! The collaboration launched in July of 2021, and the special-edition Power Band bracelet was created to recognize those who demonstrate digital for good mindset. Don’t worry if you weren’t selected this month; winners are selected every month! Want to know how to enter to win? Keep reading to find out!


Spotlight on December’s Winners

We wanted to highlight a few of the winners of this month’s Power Bands. When asked what “Rising Up” means to her, Chloe Michaels (17) from New Jersey stated, “Rising up is taking a stand for others while being supportive, understanding, and caring. It is also about doing your best to report and take down any negativity that could potentially harm or affect someone.” 

Bhavini Patel (23) is a young Indian American female who hopes to spread representation and love to any people of color by sharing her experiences authentically. She, too, shared what “Rising Up” means to her: “I want to pave the way for POC to risk it all for their unconventional dreams that their families don't understand. I also want to show others how capable we are as leaders in social justice.”

All of the Power Band winners are great examples of everyday digital heroes. Being a changemaker is about the small, daily choices we make and the impact it has on those around us. Anyone is capable, and by rising up together, we can continue to make a positive impact online and offline. 


Join the Movement, Continue to Spread Positivity Online

As our world becomes increasingly digital, we must remind ourselves of how important solidarity and humanity are. #ALLRISE2HELP is a reminder to support, uplift, and rise up with each other to create a healthy environment for ourselves and others on social media. 

To join the #ALLRISE2HELP movement, follow these simple steps to celebrate positivity and earn a Power Band bracelet for you and your friends:

  1. Follow @icanhelpofficial and @allriseofficial on IG and TikTok.
  2. Use #ALLRISE2HELP in a comment or post that shows us how you and your friends are using digital for good. 

Once we see your tags and positive stories, we’ll send you a DM with details on how to get your Power Band bracelet. When you get your bracelet, show it off by posting a pic or story with #ALLRISE2HELP to spread the word and support the movement for online positivity!


You can nominate someone who you know is using digital for good HERE!


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If you have a project or you know a student who does and uses their platform to make a change in the digital world, then please fill out this Digital4Good Nomination form before Jan 31st, 2022 for a chance to be a selected winner!


For more information on Digital4Good, please visit:


Blog Post by Katherine To


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