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Teen Creates An Organization To Give People With Disabilities A Voice!

digital4good Aug 13, 2022

Roshan Shah, online content creator and influencer, wins the #DigitalforGood 2022 award for his excellence in promoting a positive online environment for others nationwide.

During the sixth annual #Digital4Good Summit, hosted by #ICANHELP, he was announced as one of the ten winners for her project that focuses on inclusion for all in technology. Roshan is being recognized for his creation of the organization VoicesGo, which provides curated resources to all in hopes of empowering people with disabilities.


Who is Roshan Shah?

Being a student from San Diego in California, Roshan was able to create an organization  that will procure a communication device through insurance, grants, scholarships, and loans. He has raised over $6,000 in donations and he was even able to get 75 lightly used iPads to help with VoicesGo. This project has quite literally changed his, and many members of the disabled community, lives for the better. His passion and creativity has created a path for inclusivity for a variety of different people nationwide.


#Digital4Good's Message.

#Digital4Good is spearheaded by #ICANHELP, a non-profit organization committed to empowering students to play an active role in improving online environments. The #Digital4Good Summit celebrates student innovation and showcases the apps, organizations, and communities founded by student changemakers across the US. Co-founder Kim Karr explains that, “#ICANHELP has worked with over 250,000 students to be the digital change they want to see.” Co-founder Matt Soeth adds, “The focus is always on the negative, and we have some amazing youth out there making a difference. We want students to inspire others to be digital leaders.”   

By bringing together a broad range of students, educators, and industry leaders, the #Digital4Good Summit represents a student-led approach to solving some of the complicated issues and problems in society today - students as part of the solution, not the problem.​ ​The summit raises awareness and inspire students to take action through the celebration of the many examples of students using ‘digital for good.’   



For interviews and more information, please contact Kim Karr at [email protected]


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