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Lisa Dabbs: Educator, Author, Entrepreneur, and Newest Member of #ICANHELP

#ICANHELP is very excited to welcome our newest board member, Lisa Dabbs, to the community!


Lisa has worked as an educator for over 25 years, serving as a teacher, a district director and a principal, where she served as a leader for the school community. Lisa then started her own business, Lisa Dabbs Consulting, where she has worked with developers, nonprofit organizations, and educational startup companies. Additionally, Lisa is a published author of the book “Standing in the Gap: Empowering New Teachers Through Connected Resources,” which focuses on resources for future educational leadership.  


In 2018, Lisa expanded her career even further, venturing into the world of politics and becoming a member of the East Whittier City School Board in Southern California. Currently Lisa serves as the Vice President for this school district and is excited to announce that she is the soon to be Board President! 


Recently, Lisa has rebranded her consultancy to focus on advocacy, amplifying women’s voices and opportunities in educational leadership, and bringing awareness to the challenges that she has faced as a member of the Latinx community. This work inspired her to join the #ICANHELP Board of Directors, where she will use her knowledge and expertise to find sustainable solutions to the problems that society faces regarding mental health. Lisa is eager to work with others who share her passion for creating flexible, dynamic solutions for long-lasting change.


Lisa is also a mother of two sons, so she sees and understands the impact of social media on Millennials and Gen Z. Her role as a mother helps her connect with the mission of #ICANHELP, as she recognizes the importance of digital wellness and the horrible consequences of cyberbullying. 


“I am excited to move together with constituents, as well as members of the #ICANHELP community, in a profoundly modern direction” Lisa shared. 


She is also hoping to strengthen fundraising for #ICANHELP and plans to connect our organization with companies that she has worked with to promote the importance of #ICANHELP’s mission. 


Lisa recognizes that the pandemic has caused not only physical, but also mental and emotional challenges for many, and that these challenges will not simply go away once the pandemic ends. For her, this has made the message of #ICANHELP more important than ever. She is eager to help connect the #ICANHELP team with leaders in her community and bring the #ICANHELP message to colleges, where finding the line between digital life and real life becomes even more challenging. 


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