Making A Difference Through Marketing | Introducing Our New Marketing Manager, Irene Mendoza!

#icanhelp lead our updates Jun 29, 2022
Welcome To The Team Irene Mendoza

#ICANHELP is proud to announce the addition of Irene Mendoza, our new marketing manager, to the team!


Irene is a recent graduate of the University of Northern Colorado (UNC), where she majored in Business Administration and earned a certification in digital marketing. Two of her passions are social media and mental health advocacy, and she hopes to make a difference in both areas through her work at #ICANHELP. 


Irene’s journey with #ICANHELP began in 2021 when she joined the seasonal intern program as a marketing intern. What drew her to #ICANHELP was its commitment to taking action through Generation Z. #ICANHELP’s programs are largely student-focused, empowering children and youth to create innovative digital solutions to the issues that affect themselves, their peers, and communities.


Irene also cites her initial conversation with Kim Karr, #ICANHELP’s Executive Director, as one of the reasons that inspired her to become involved. “Her enthusiasm for making a difference showed me how true the #ICANHELP family is to their mission,” Irene says. 


During her internship, Irene successfully executed two marketing campaigns with her team of fellow students. She shares, “I learned so much in this internship through direct experience and knowing that I can actually help [and] make a difference.” She gives a shout-out to her team lead, Allison Leonard, for her guidance and support, and to Kim Karr for challenging her to improve and grow. 


Irene’s positive experience as an intern would later drive her to apply for the new marketing manager position. “I was excited for the opportunity to lead…our team, as well as rejoin the #ICANHELP family,” she says. “I am motivated to continue to make a difference through my skill set and this was the best way for me to do that as a recent grad.”


In her new role, Irene will be in charge of driving strategic brand marketing activities for the nonprofit, including social campaign planning, blog schedule, and event coordination. She hopes to use her skill set, as well as the knowledge gained from her internship and her education at UNC, to help her team of student interns grow and learn as much as possible. “I also hope to create some great content for #ICANHELP to continue to grow and achieve their mission!”


At #ICANHELP, we believe students are not only the future—they are the “right now.” Irene’s story is just one of many examples of Gen-Zers who are using their skills to make a positive impact in today’s digital world. We’re thrilled to have her on our team again and excited for the enthusiasm and expertise she’ll bring to her new role! 

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