New York Yankee Outfielder, Aaron Judge, Teams Up with #ICANHELP!

#icanhelp lead #icanhelp partnerships community outreach digital citizenship Jul 13, 2021

The Aaron Judge ALL RISE Foundation and #ICANHELP are joining forces to celebrate positivity online! The two organizations have teamed up to create the Power Band bracelet for kids and teens who are using digital for good. 


Each month, #ICANHELP student interns will be sending out special edition Power Band bracelets to anyone who is spreading positivity online. These bands are a reminder that your voice is powerful and you can make a positive impact on AND offline.


“Let's do this!  Show us how powerful youth can be! Demonstrate your care and concern for others by taking action to make a difference,” says Patty Judge, Executive Director/President of the Aaron Judge ALL RISE Foundation.


She adds, “Behaving in a responsible manner is key to positive character and citizenship development. Creating and posting positive comments, rather than negative, can change the world one post at a time.”


Aaron Judge has been a long-time supporter and believer in the power of students’ voices and their ability to make a positive impact. Since launching in 2018, the Aaron Judge ALL RISE Foundation has created many opportunities and programs for students to gain valuable knowledge and skills to develop as leaders and build a supportive culture at their schools.


#ICANHELP shares a similar mission to empower student changemakers and promote digital citizenship and safety, so the #ALLRISE2Help partnership was a no-brainer. 


#ALLRISE2Help is a reminder that we need your help to change the world by rising up and continuing to use digital for good! We need people like you to help inspire others to take action and promote positivity online.


“In a time where we’re all experiencing moments of darkness, it’s more important than ever to shine a light on the goodness in others and ourselves,” says Aaron Judge. The goal of the Power Band bracelet is to recognize people for doing their part in making the internet a safer place. By highlighting the good, we are choosing to be the light in those moments of darkness.”


Join the #ALLRISE2Help movement! Just follow these simple steps to celebrate positivity and earn a Power Band bracelet for you and your friends:


  1. Follow @icanhelpofficial and @allriseofficial on IG and TikTok
  2. Use #ALLRISE2Help in a comment or post that shows us how you and your friends are using digital for good. 


Once we see your tags and positive stories, we’ll send you a DM with details on how to get your Power Band bracelet! When you get your bracelet, show it off by posting a pic or story with #ALLRISE2Help to spread the word and support the movement for online positivity!

Nominate someone who you know is using digital for good HERE!

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