American Nonprofit #ICANHELP Internationally Recognized in HundrED 2020 Digital Wellness Spotlight

#icanhelp partnerships our updates Dec 03, 2019

On December 3, 2019, Finland-based nonprofit HundrED announced that U.S.-based organization #ICANHELP is being recognized in the HundrED 2020 Digital Wellness Spotlight. 


Last month, #ICANHELP Executive Director and Co-Founder Matt Soeth spoke on digital wellness at the HundrED Innovation Summit in Helsinki. The summit included education technology leaders and innovations that are making a positive difference. “There is an international community of educators looking to make an impact on teaching and learning,” says Soeth. “This is a global effort with a lot of innovative and creative people,” he continues. 

Soeth talked with education technology leaders from around the world about the #ICANHELP school curriculum, which was created to proactively educate and empower students to use social media positively. #ICANHELP curriculum connects offline and online behavior to encourage positive change. Over 450,000 students have received the training so far. In addition to students, #ICANHELP curriculum has been adapted to teach teachers, administrators, and communities on digital wellness.

In addition to digital wellness education, #ICANHELP has launched a new program in partnership with the Well Being Trust, a national foundation dedicated to advancing the mental, social, and spiritual health of the U.S. The new program is called #Work2BeWell, and is a mental health-focused initiative aiming to empower youth with digital well-being tools, lessons, tips, and resources. 

Soeth was inspired by the openness of leaders from around the world to learn and assist in spreading digital wellness. “The conversation around Digital Wellness is just getting started, there are some very creative approaches people are taking on this topic,” says Soeth. Organizations participating in the event included Supercell and Lego. Soeth stated that “the summit was incredible, and he looks forward to continuing to lead #ICANHELP to positively impact millions of youth by engaging them in digital wellness training. 

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