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Uncategorized Feb 10, 2020


The social media and digital wellness landscape is constantly evolving. How does your school handle social media incidents? 

Schools that work with #ICANHELP experience an average 30% decrease in social media-related discipline. To help your school overcome potentially harmful social media incidents and proactively shape your school’s culture, #ICANHELP is hosting a special free webinar for school administrators and teachers on February 13. The webinar will take less than an hour of your time and help you build the framework for a stronger school culture. 

From cyberbullying on SnapChat to school threats on Facebook, we’ve seen it all and have helped countless schools overcome these issues. To prevent being forced to react to these issues, you have to get ahead of it and proactively guide your students to use digital tools and social media responsively while spreading positivity and building a support system for their peers. This is what #ICANHELP was created to do. 

New state laws in 47 states now require most schools to prevent cyberbullying, but there is often confusion surrounding these laws, what schools need to do, and what they can do in these situations. 

Webinar participants can also become members of the #ICANHELP digital citizenship community on Participate at no cost. The online community will give you direct access to digital wellness experts, fellow school administrators, free resources, and much more. Before the free webinar, join our brand new virtual community for teachers, administrators, and social media and digital wellness experts. Join here

We will discuss: 

  • How to respond effectively to social media incidents

  • Why and how to empower students to lead social media change at your school

  • Analyzing your social media policy and procedures

  • Current cyberbullying prevention laws and efforts 

  • How #ICANHELP curriculum can lower social media incidents at your school

  • Next steps to take

Participants will also receive free access to the #ICANHELP introductory course. Sign up for the webinar here, and we’ll see you on February 13:

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