Comprehensive Guide to Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community Online

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Comprehensive Guide to Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community Online

Whether you’re a friend, brother, mother, or part of the LGBTQ+ community yourself, there are numerous ways to show your support for the community, especially online. 


This pride month, we want to show our support for the community and celebrate the lives and historic accomplishments of the LGBTQ+ community. There are more than a few ways to show support, so if you are looking for new and unique ways to let others know that you are an ally, here are a few ways you can show it.


Effective Allyship Strategies

Include your pronouns in your online profiles and bios

This is a simple but powerful way to signal your support for the LGBTQ+ community and let others know you are an ally. Even if you identify with the gender assigned to you at birth, including your pronouns on your profile shows that you understand differences in gender identity and the importance of respecting others’ pronouns. 


Check in with friends and followers who may be targeted online

During pride month especially, the LGBTQ+ community is more likely to be targeted and harassed online. If you see this happening, reach out and offer your support. Ask them if they need anything and help them report the abuse to the appropriate authorities, if necessary. Additionally, use your platform to speak out against hate speech and call for greater inclusiveness and tolerance.


Educate yourself and others

Take the time to learn about LGBTQ+ issues, identities, and experiences, and share that information with others through social media, blog posts, or other online forums. You can even follow pages on your platforms that directly advocate for the cause and repost their materials, with credit, of course.


Keep their confidence, respect boundaries

Don't disclose their identity to anyone, even if you believe they have already told others. Have a conversation with your friend to understand what they are comfortable with, including jokes. Revealing someone’s identity to others can have harmful consequences on their life. 


Maintain the friendship dynamic

Your friend has come out to you because they feel comfortable with your relationship as it is. Avoid changing this dynamic by treating them differently. 


Ask questions respectfully

If you have any confusion or questions, approach them with respect and ask for clarification. Also make sure that they are comfortable answering questions about their sexuality or gender identity. 


Support their community

Suggest attending an LGBTQ+ group or community center together, but don't force it if they decline. You can still show your support by volunteering on your own as well as showing support online. 


Respect their pronouns and name 

Use their preferred pronouns and name, and include them on your attendance sheet as a reminder. This will make them feel respected and valued, which would make your friendship or relationship with them stronger. If they are comfortable, serve as an ally and respectfully remind other staff of their preferred pronouns.


Check comfort level

Ask if they are comfortable with their preferred pronouns/name being used in documentation or in front of their parents. 


Be a safe space

Let them know you support them and are available to listen without judgment. Ask questions with love and support, and be their best friend.

How to Support your Child

Wait for them to come to you

Don't pressure your child to come out to you. They will do it once they feel comfortable.


Be an ally

Show your support for the LGBTQ+ community, including those in your child's life. This will help create a space that is safe to talk about gender identity and sexuality.


Maintain normalcy 

Avoid treating your child differently and allow yourself to be a safe space for them.


Respect their journey and individuality.

Seek support If you struggle with acceptance, consider finding a local LGBTQ+ support group for parents. This way, you can form a community with other parents and understand your child better. 

How to Support Yourself

Surround yourself with positivity

Surround yourself with people who respect and support your identity. This will help you feel more comfortable, but also gain a sense of acceptance and belonging.


Embrace your identity

Your identity belongs to you and you can choose to share it or not. Don't hide or regret it.


Seek help

Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Asking for help makes you stronger.


Join a community

Consider joining a local LGBTQ+ support group, community center, or youth group to feel safe and surrounded by others like you. 

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