December 2023 Students4Good Recap

students4good webinar Jan 13, 2024
December 2023 Students4Good Recap

By: Ashima Nair, Annual Public Relations Specialist | Digital4Good


As we enter the holiday season, spending time with our loved ones, Mehak Mehmi and Maria Gaitain have been working hard to help improve their communities. With their incredible determination and passion, they present us with wonderful student organizations, with all efforts going right back to their community. 


Helping Hands ACS

Mehak Mehmi, a senior at Westwood High School in Austin, demonstrates exemplary leadership as the founder and president of Westwood's Helping Hands. Fueled by a desire to make a meaningful impact in her community, Mehak embarked on this initiative with a specific focus on addressing the impact of cancer and other diseases.


Recognizing the danger of cancer, she raised awareness, provided support, and engaged in fundraising activities for cancer-related causes. These initiatives have successfully reached and influenced hundreds of students, teachers, and community members. The group's efforts extend beyond merely raising awareness; they aim to foster a comprehensive understanding of the importance of cancer prevention and support within the community.


Looking ahead, Mehak envisions a future career in medicine, where she aspires to continue her commitment to community service. Her ambitions extend beyond the confines of high school, and she aims to build even larger communities during her college years. Mehak's dedication to Helping Hands ACS showcases her passion for healthcare, community service, and the profound impact that student-led initiatives can have on societal well-being.

Project Moonchild

Maria Gaitan, a senior at Western High School in Davie, Florida, has shown her passion and innovation through the creation of Project Moonchild. Fueled by an intense love for the visual arts and sciences, Maria founded this organization with the overarching goal of inspiring and empowering youth artists in South Florida to embark on projects centered around social justice, personal identity, and more.


The creation of Project Moonchild unfolded during Maria's sophomore year when she delved into researching potential career paths that could combine her interests in the arts and sciences. This exploration led to the start of an organization that not only aligned with her personal passions, but also aimed to ignite the creative flames of aspiring young artists in her community.


Through Project Moonchild, Maria has actively engaged with local elementary schools, imparting her knowledge and skills to students by teaching them to transform discarded materials into captivating 3D artworks. Beyond hands-on workshops, Maria has utilized digital platforms to extend her influence. She contributes her insights and opinions through blogs, offering valuable perspectives on various aspects of art and its intersection with science. Her initiative extends to the Instagram series "Palette of Professions," where she disseminates information about diverse art careers across different fields.

Mehak and Maria are making huge impacts in their communities, and it is very clear that they are passionate about their cause and want to make a positive change in the world. Their achievements are perfect examples of the power of youth activism and the significance of giving back to the community.


Here are our top three takeaways from this event: 

  • Know your end goals - Set up a plan for your initiatives that can provide a clear vision that guides your actions and pushes you to make your idea come true. 
  • Push yourself - By putting yourself and your project out there, not only do you gain valuable experiences but also expose your project to diverse perspectives.
  • Communication is key - Effective communication with your team is essential for coherence and overall project success. It ensures that everyone is on the same page, understands their roles, and can navigate smoothly through all challenges that may arise.



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