The Relationship Between Exercise and Mental Health

digital well-being Jul 25, 2023
The Relationship Between Exercise and Mental Health

By Kaylee Marsh, Annual Content Creation Specialist | Digital4Good


There are a lot of underlying factors that contribute to the overall wellness of one's mental health. One major attribute is the time allotted for physical activity. Physical exercise is statistically proven to reduce stress by releasing endorphins, allowing for a clear mind and improved mood. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits exercise can have on one’s mental health, while also providing tips on incorporating physical activity into your daily routine.


Work Through It

The Benefits of Physical Activity

Working out is sufficient in alleviating stress hormones caused by school, work, relationships, etc. Using physical activity as a natural means to clear your mind is a healthy practice that can benefit your mood and mental clarity entirely. Taking a moment out of your day for physical activity will not only make you feel better physically, but it will improve your mental well-being as well.


While exercise can improve the brain’s health by reducing stress, it can also strengthen the brain in terms of memorization and cognition. Not only does exercising reduce stress hormones, but there is a sense of accomplishment awarded as well, as you are prioritizing your well-being by being active. This productivity leaks into other aspects of your life, promoting healthier habits that improve mental wellness.


Find Your Personal Workout

Workouts don’t always have to be hardcore! There are infinite options for getting a quality workout, whether that be biking, swimming, or going on a walk in your local area. Working out doesn't have to be physically straining, either. Yoga and meditation are strong exercise practices that substantially improve mental clarity and are accessible to everyone. Finding what forms of exercise you are comfortable and confident in is important so that working out can be a healthy and inspiring experience. 


Different forms of exercise:

  • Walking/ Running
  • Yoga/ Meditation
  • Weightlifting 
  • Sports
  • Swim


Making the Time

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, it can feel difficult to set time aside for your physical goals. Unfortunately, sometimes it is unrealistic to fit an entire workout into our daily schedule. While that may be the case, there are other ways to ensure physical wellness. Even doing something as little as stretching before bed can be physically and mentally rewarding. Mindful meditation takes only 10 - 15 minutes and is scientifically proven to manage stress and anxiety, allowing for a more present and open mind. 


Make it Fun

Invite your friends to join you or start your own exercise group! Develop a schedule that accommodates the events going on in your life and get active!

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