How to Remain Safe While Online Dating

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How to Remain Safe While Online Dating

By Kaylee Marsh, Annual Content Creation Specialist | Digital4Good


Dating is complicated: building a strong relationship and connection can be hard with today's modern obstacles. Now imagine online dating; how is it we can ensure a healthy, safe online dating experience? What are some red flags that we need to keep an eye out for? And what should we know about the online dating process?


In this blog post, we will be discussing the major cautions with online dating and the red flags to keep an eye out for, while exploring ways to maintain digital safety in your online dating journey.


Red Flags in the Online Dating World

What You Need to Know

    • An estimated 10% of dating profiles are bots: according to besedo, an estimated 10% of user profiles on dating websites are fake and generated with false information.
    • Falsified information and catfishing is a major concern: Catfishing is an increasingly concerning issue plaguing online dating user experience. Catfishing is the action in which someone creates an online persona in order to lure someone into a forged relationship. This can be targeted to gain personal information or even scam users out of money. Romance scams reported to FTC in 2020 resulted in a total of $304 million in losses according to Review42


  • The Genuineness of an Online Connection: It is difficult to decipher not only the legitimacy of an account but also the genuineness of someone's character online. It is easy to miscommunicate and misread one's character due to the lack of expression and body language online dating inhibits. 



Red Flags in Online Dating 

  • Users that ask a lot of personal questions or won’t answer questions about themselves
  • Users that refuse/avoid meeting in person
  • Users that ask for money and/or banking information
  • Users that ask questions that make you feel uncomfortable
  • Incomplete profiles
  • Suspicious and/or low quality photos
  • User professes love early on

Safety in Online Dating

While online dating is tricky, we can ensure a safe environment by drawing boundaries and recognizing the importance of safety when searching online for a partner. Here is a guideline you can follow to ensure a safe online dating experience.


  • Limit the amount of apps/ matches you make: limit your search and genuinely consider the qualities of each potential match. It can be easy to get caught up in the options of online dating so to prevent online dating from being overwhelming, truly consider each match.
  • Never feel obligated to meet someone in person: If you ever feel uncomfortable from a match, never feel obligated to meet them in person. In order to maintain your safety, you must be able to trust your gut when having online interactions with potential partners.
  • Self evaluate before pursuing online dating: ask yourself why are you pursuing online dating. If you are feeling lonely, you are more likely to overlook red flags, or make decisions that do not align with your self interest.
  • Know what you are looking for in a relationship: Make sure you know what you are looking for in a partner and determine what traits are deal breakers.
  • Prioritize your safety and wellbeing: If you ever feel unsafe do what is in the best interest of your safety whether that be blocking or reporting an account. Know that it is alright to take a break at any time and always to do what is best for your wellbeing.



Online Dating in a Broad Perspective

Online dating is an option that has grown popular in culture and younger generations. It is important to ensure that if you or someone you know is considering online dating, that you have the proper resources and knowledge on digital safety in order to guarantee a positive online dating experience.



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