HundrED 2020 Innovators Award

#icanhelp partnerships our updates Nov 06, 2019

US Nonprofit #ICANHELP Internationally Recognized in the HundrED 2020 Class of Education Innovations

On November 6, US-based nonprofit #ICANHELP was announced as one of the most inspiring innovators in K12 education. #ICANHELP brings curriculum focused on deleting negativity and improving school culture to schools across America. “This is our first international recognition and a big win as a US-based education nonprofit,” says #ICANHELP Executive Director and Co-Founder Matt Soeth. Matt spoke on November 6 at the HundrED Innovation Summit in Helsinki Finland where innovations in education were recognized. 

#ICANHELP was one of a select few innovations selected by HundrED, a global education nonprofit that “discovers, researches and shares impactful and scalable K12 innovations with the world, for free.” The #ICANHELP curriculum is being recognized in the Digital Wellbeing category for the 2020 HundrED class. This group is sponsored by Supercell, The Diana Award, and ISTE. 

Winners were chosen based on having a “proven track record of positive impact within the community” and the potential to scale. According to the HundrED Academy, there were 2,008 application reviews. 


HundrED offers winners recognition, credibility, visibility, a community, the potential for funding, and access to resources. “We will continue to encourage as many stakeholders as possible, including schools, educators, administrators, students and organizations to get involved so that we can work towards a positive future,” says HundrED Chairman & Creative Director Saku Tuominen. 


#ICANHELP’s school curriculum, created for children of all ages, is a proactive, peer to peer curriculum designed to educate and empower students to use social media positively. The lessons connect offline and online behavior to encourage deep thought, reflection, and positive change. To date, more than 450,000 students have benefitted from the #ICANHELP curriculum, which has been expanded over recent years to not only teach students, but teachers, administrators, and the community how to create a digitally healthy and positive community. 


Partnering with the Well Being Trust, a national foundation dedicated to advancing the mental, social, and spiritual health of the nation, #ICANHELP is launching #Work2BeWell. #Work2BeWell is a mental health-focused initiative that will empower youth with digital well being tools, lessons, tips, and resources. 


The HundrED Innovation Summit will also feature Innovation Pitches where organizations are given time to share their innovations with each other, answer questions, and open up about their challenges. 

View #ICANHELP’s winning submission here:

Learn more about #ICANHELP: 


--Matt Seoth

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