#ICANHELP Attending ACSA’s Superintendents’ Symposium in California

#icanhelp partnerships our updates Jan 27, 2020

The Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) will be hosting the annual Superintendents' Symposium January 29-31 at the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells and nonprofit #ICANHELP will attend the event. This year’s symposium is themed “Courageous Leadership,” and will feature dynamic keynote speakers, breakout sessions, exhibitors, a new superintendents workshop, and more. Keynote speakers will include Dr. Luvelle Brown, Kimberly Bryant, Dr. Chris Emdin, and Dr. Lisaw Williams. 

This yearly symposium is attended by administrators and leaders from across California to learn and network. As described on the official ACSA Superintendents’ Symposium website, “More than ever before, it is time for superintendents to lead a movement to restore California schools to their once-held rank of the best in the nation.” 

“#ICANHELP brings awareness to a problem that hasn't been handled correctly on our campus. Students and parents alike are gaining an understanding of what it means to be online and the consequences of their actions.” -- Felicitas Marquez, Winston-Churchill Middle School

The event will, in part, focus on “integrating technology into curriculum and professional development in a digital world.” With #ICANHELP’s concentration on technology and the importance of digital wellness, this year’s theme and focus presents opportunities for #ICANHELP’s Matt Soeth to connect with superintendents who face challenges when it comes to technology use and digital wellness in their districts. “Student outcomes are tied to their mental and physical health, and their digital wellness will play a significant role in that health,” says Matt Soeth, #ICANHELP Co-Founder and Executive Director. 

Matt will host a breakout session, titled “Negative Social Media,” at 2:45 PM on Thursday, January 30. Attendees will learn strategies for engaging students, staff and parents in creating a more positive culture and climate both online and offline.

#ICANHELP has trained over 450,000 students and offers innovative curriculum and assemblies created by tech-savvy teachers to schools across America. Learn more about #ICANHELP programs here

Are you going to the conference? You can attend the session on Thursday, January 30 from 2:45-4:00. Registration discounts are available for ACSA and NASS members. Learn more about the January 29 - 31 event at the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells and register here


--Matt Soeth

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