#ICANHELP Headed to Twitter to Celebrate Safer Internet Day by Engaging Youth in Internet and Social Media Safety Topics

#icanhelp engage digital safety Feb 05, 2020

#ICANHELP Celebrates Safer Internet Day joining millions around the world participating in the global online safety movement


(San Francisco, CA – February 3, 2020) – Safer Internet Day brings worldwide attention to important topics surrounding internet safety, cyberbullying prevention, digital wellness, and more. This year’s Safer Internet Day celebration in the US, titled “Together for a better internet,” will consist of two events in Mountain View, California. The first event will bring 300 middle and high school students to the Computer History Museum to learn from industry experts, influencers, school administrators, and others. The second event will be held in the evening and is for elementary school students and their parents. 

#ICANHELP, a passionate supporter of Safer Internet Day, is partnering with Twitter for a Day of Safety in honor of #SaferInternetDay, which is February 11. #ICANHELP is a nonprofit organization that works to educate and empower students to be digitally well and use social media in a positive manner. To date, #ICANHELP has worked with and trained over 450,000 students. 

The special event will be hosted on February 7 at Twitter NeighborNest (@NeighborNest) and feature 15 high school student leaders from across the Bay Area, who will be joined by several adults. Over the course of the three-hour event, the group will discuss safety on Twitter, hear from Twitter’s Trust & Safety team, and take part in a conversation on how to make the internet a safer place. "At Twitter, we are committed to advancing the health of the public conversation and the safety of our customers. We are proud to partner with #ICANHELP on #SaferInternetDay to advance digital citizenship and wellness for young people in our community,” says London Lee of Twitter’s Community Outreach & Philanthropy division. 

The goals of the event are to educate youth about Twitter’s work around safety, provide a platform to engage young people in online safety and empower them to foster a healthier online world, and gather community input around online safety. “We’re thankful to have the support of social media companies like Twitter, who are open to collaborating with youth to improve the safety of their platform and consider the health and wellness of their users,” says #ICANHELP Co-Founder and Executive Director Matt Soeth. 

The event will end just after noon with lunch and group discussion. #ICANHELP, along with the help of student interns who attended the event, will then provide written and video recaps of the event to share on #SaferInternetDay. To follow Safer Internet Day events, use the hashtags #SaferInternetDay #SID2020 on social media channels. 

You can sign up to be part of the livestream at


--Matt Soeth

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