Influencer Spotlight: Women Using Digital Media For Good

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Influencer Spotlight: Women Using Digital Media For Good

By: Caleb Dunn, Seasonal Public Relations Intern | Digital4Good


For some people, social media is a way to hide — to leave anonymous comments, or post a curated version of your life that filters out the parts you don’t want others to see. For these women, however, social media has given them a platform to express their true selves, from their deepest passions to their real-life struggles. As a result, they have become role models and sources of inspiration to many, including women like themselves.


Emma Chamberlain

One may argue that Emma Chamberlain played a major role in the transformation of social media into what it is today. Originating from the San Francisco Bay Area, Emma moved to Los Angeles to fulfill her dream of becoming an influencer. She started her YouTube channel in 2016, filming daily vlogs of her everyday life. Her content was popular not just because of her unique sense of humor, but also because of its authenticity and relatability to other teenage girls. 


Since the inception of her channel, Emma has amassed millions of followers and used her platform to pursue passions outside of social media. She was inspired by her love of caffeinated beverages to start her own business, Chamberlain Coffee. According to Emma, “For some people (aka me), it’s more than a drink. It’s a way to connect. It’s a way to share moments. And, ok, sometimes it’s just a way to wake up and get stuff done.”


Leana Deeb

Fitness influencer Leana Deeb has been blowing up on social media for the past year and a half. Like Emma, Leana’s immense following can be attributed in no small part to the authenticity of her videos and posts. Leana is honest with her followers about her fitness journey, and many can relate to her struggles with working out, self-image, and self-accountability. 


Leana started her own fitness app, Lift With Leana (now Uplift You), to help followers with their own fitness journeys. She also pushes her fans to become the best versions of themselves — not just at the gym, but in their personal and professional lives. “My content is much more than just fitness,” she said. “It is more about going through the hard times in life and still pushing yourself when the times get tough.” 


Amanda Gorman

Poet and activist Amanda Gorman beautifully conveys her views on humanity through the written and spoken word. Amanda rose to fame at President Joe Biden’s inauguration, where she delivered her famous spoken word poem, “The Hill We Climb,” for which she gained international acclaim. 


Today, she continues to use her platform to promote literacy, social justice, and youth activism. Amanda’s writing not only amplifies monumental topics such as racial equity, but also inspires others to raise awareness and make a positive change in their communities. Regarding her recently published children’s book, Something, Someday, Amanda said, “I wrote this book to encourage the hopes and hearts of young activists and changemakers everywhere. No matter how small the action, you can make a change in your communities! The problems we face are big, but together we are bigger.”


Jessica Valenti

Feminist writer Jessica Valenti is not afraid to use her greatest gift, her voice, to advocate for gender equality. In 2004, Jessica founded the blog Feministing with her sister, Vanessa, to uplift feminist voices and highlight global news related to reproductive rights, sexism, and feminist activism. At its peak, Feministing saw over 1 million visitors monthly. 


Sadly, Feministing shut down in 2019, but Jessica continues to use social media to educate her followers and advocate for gender equality, social justice, and positivity. Jessica’s online daily newsletter, Abortion, Every Day, publishes news and feminist commentary about abortion rights and provides subscribers with a space to share their own thoughts and experiences. “This community has become a space where feminists can actually talk…about how we’re doing in this truly impossible moment,” Jessica says. “One of the newsletter’s most popular features is our One Good Thing thread, where people share something positive that happened in their life that week.”


Jameela Jamil 

Actress and activist Jameela Jamil uses her platform to spread awareness and positivity. She is a strong advocate for feminism and mental health — both of which she discusses on her social media accounts. 


Jameela promotes self-love and the dismantling of unrealistic beauty standards that pervade social media. She wants “women to stop thinking about their bodies for one minute, and think about their achievements, think about their lives, think about their dreams, and their goals, and their happiness. And how to grow that rather than just shrink themselves.”


Jameela has not only grown a huge following, but also fosters a family-like environment on her socials. She is open, honest, and straightforward in a way that encourages people to become the best version of themselves. Jameela is truly one for people and pushes towards that with every post she makes. 


What We Can Learn

The greatest gifts we as humans are given are our abilities to communicate and connect with one another. When used responsibly, social media gives us a platform to amplify our voices in the best way possible. 


This article discusses just a few of the incredible female influencers who are using their platforms to make the Internet a safer and more positive space. Want to use your own social media platform for good, but not sure where to start? Check out our Students4Good webinars for inspiration, or follow us on Instagram and TikTok!



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