Inspiring Stories of Community Transformation: February Students4Good Recap

students4good webinar Mar 09, 2024
Inspiring Stories of Community Transformation: February Students4Good Recap

By: Ashima Nair, Annual Public Relations Specialist | Digital4Good


In the tapestry of community transformation, Mishal, Susana, Mahtab, Eliza, Liv, Kabir, and Molly emerge as visionary artisans, weaving threads of passion and innovation into extraordinary projects that not only redefine their communities but also inspire a narrative of lasting change. Their stories remind us that the most profound transformations often spring from the intersection of determination and compassion, illustrating that even seemingly small threads of passion can create an enduring influence


Project CARV

Four students; Mishal, Susana, Mahtab, and Eliza, at Klein High School in Spring, Texas set out on a journey to prevent teen dating violence (TDV) through Project CARV. It began when Mishal’s friend - Malak - was emotionally abused in her relationship; Malak felt as though she could not reach out to anyone for help.


Established in 2022, these four changemakers have been able to make a huge impact in their community. They have social media presence, primarily Instagram as teenagers are their main target market, LinkedIn, as well as their website.


They have also had the opportunity to partner with many different organizations, including their school’s HOSA as well as NAM - an organization that aids the Greater Houston area. Within NAM, they are working on forming the first-ever youth board at a local non-profit. Additionally, they distribute brochures at local libraries.


Although this journey has been fulfilling for the four of them, they have also faced a few challenges. Firstly, Texas makes it illegal to discuss  relationship violence in schools unless parent permission is given and it has to be in accordance with the TEKS (the curriculum). However, they are hoping to overcome these hurdles by reaching out to local representatives. 


Bridges of Hope

Liv, an alumna of the University of Waterloo, earned her Bachelor's degree in Peace and Conflict Studies and Social Development Studies. Inspired by a story about a girl displaying positive messages on a local bridge near her home, which ultimately saved many lives, Liv initiated the formation of Bridges of Hope during her early high school years, alongside her co-founder.


Her impactful efforts led the school board, students, and parents to attend various gatherings and events where local artists displayed positive and uplifting messages near the bridges. The success of the first year underscored the significant impact of these initiatives.


Despite encountering a challenge when the co-founder moved away in the second year after the founding of Bridges of Hope, Liv recognized the power of sharing her own story to build connections rooted in authenticity and vulnerability. She continues to work proactively, advocating for positive change and inspiring others with her experiences.


Liv's contributions have not gone unnoticed, as she received an invitation to speak at a conference (Ontario Student Leadership Conference)—an honor she deeply appreciated, especially considering her past attendance at the same event as a student.


Caring Connections USA

Kabir Singh, a 8th grader at United Nations International School (also known as UNIS) in New York City underwent a surgery as a young child. And while he may not remember it, he was able to learn the difficulty of the situation through various stories. His grandmother, a retired neonatologist, shared stories of caring for tiny newborns in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), some as small as a pencil. The dedicated families of these little babies spent weeks and months in the hospital with them. This inspiration led Kabir and his sister, Pareesa, to establish Caring Connections USA in 2023.


Kabir, with the aid of his family, provides NICU families with warmth and comfort, through the formation of blankets for the families. He holds blanket-making events where the youth can socialize while also helping the community. To this date, he has delivered over 50 blankets and care packages to hospitals in New York and Pennsylvania. These blankets not only provide physical warmth but also symbolize love, welcome, and care from the community. 


Kabir has been able to help so many through collaborating with many amazing organizations, such as Digital4Good x #ICANHELP. He hopes that in the long-term he is able to spread his goals outside of the US. 


Be Kind. It’s Simple

Molly Casey, holding a Master’s Graduate from the University of Denver, is the founder of Be Kind. It’s Simple. Seeing the increase in mental health issues that grew during covid, she sought out to make a change in the community. Despite the social distance or connecting virtual, that everyone faced due to covid, Molly realized that being kind is such a simple act, and that began her organization. 


Be Kind. It’s Simple is a social media campaign and a small business that encourages participating in simple acts of kindness, which can hopefully lead to improving the mental health of people in your community. Molly has initiated challenges such as her 21 day kindness challenge, and has also begun selling merchandise to share the message. 


Molly has reached out to various local/small business owners and has been able to spread her message throughout her local community. Additionally, she has spoken about it on a state level, and her future goal is to be able to share her message nationally.

In summary, Mishal, Susana, Mahtab, Eliza, Liv, Kabir, and Molly are notable individuals who have made significant positive impacts in their communities and beyond. Their passion, dedication, and innovative initiatives serve as sources of inspiration, highlighting the power of individuals with a strong passion for positive change. 


Here are our top three takeaways from this event: 

  • Don't be afraid of rejection - all of these individual’s journeys underscore the importance of resilience and a positive mindset. They demonstrate that facing rejection should not be a source of fear, but rather an opportunity for growth.
  • Age shouldn’t stop you - age isn’t a limiting factor when it comes to making a difference in your community; we come to learn that despite how old one is, you can still contribute significantly to positive change. 
  • Using social media for the good - social media can be extremely beneficial when starting an initiative on your own. Not only are you able to spread the word, but you may also come across like-minded passionate individuals who you can collaborate 

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