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digital safety social media news Feb 21, 2024
Parents Guide: YUBO; young girl looking at her phone while using the app YUBO

By: Madina Ansary | Seasonal Public Relations Intern 


With over 15 million users and counting, Yubo makes it easy for preteens and teens to make friends online. Many young and middle adolescents struggle with social anxiety, making it difficult to build relationships in person. With Yubo, however, teens and preteens can initiate new friendships with a simple swipe. The “swipe to engage” feature has earned Yubo the nickname “Tinder for Teens.” 


Although Yubo presents several benefits for teens, it also comes with risks, as with any social media app. Here’s a quick guide to navigating Yubo and ensuring your kids are using it safely.


How to navigate Yubo

After creating a personal profile, you can browse through photos uploaded by other users and choose to “Swipe Right” or “Swipe Left.” If you decide to “Swipe Right” on someone, and vice versa, the other person will be able to connect with you. Users can exchange friendly messages, video chat with one another, and add each other on other social media apps. 


Concerns with Yubo

While Yubo makes it easier for teens and tweens to connect, there are several downsides to using the app: no way to verify users’ ages, lack of secure privacy settings, and no way to block users.


Overcoming safety issues on Yubo

  • Discuss Online Safety: Ensure your preteen/teens are aware of the potential dangers that come with interacting with strangers online. Warn them against sharing personal information (full name, phone number, etc.)


  • Sneaky Behavior: If you notice your child attempting to hide the app from you, or if they are being evasive when answering your questions about the app, let them know there is no reason to hide anything from you. Build trust with them by showing interest in the app and the friends they are making.


  • Meeting in Person: If they plan to meet with someone from the app in person, tag along with them for the first meet-up (and make sure it is in a public space).
  • Emphasize Responsibility: Teach your adolescents that they are responsible for their actions and encourage appropriate use of the app. Familiarize yourself with the app’s reporting feature and review it with your child.
  • Monitor App Usage: If you feel it is needed and are concerned about your child’s safety, you can discreetly monitor your child’s activity by checking their phone from time to time. 


Although Yubo is great for initiating friendships, especially for those who struggle with face-to-face communication, your child's safety comes first. You can help protect your teen by communicating openly with them and taking proactive steps to stay informed. 


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