Saturn – Time Together: Your Guide to the Latest High School Social Buzz

digital safety social media news Nov 15, 2023
Saturn – Time Together: Your Guide to the Latest High School Social Buzz

By: Lara Saif, Seasonal Public Relations Intern | Digital4Good


There's a new app making waves called Saturn – Time Together. Designed just for high schoolers, it promises to be the go-to for organizing our chaotic school lives and chilling with friends. But before you dive in, let’s break it down and understand what it is, how it works, and how to use it safely.


So, What's the Buzz About Saturn?

At its core, Saturn helps you organize your school world. You can input your class schedules, track after-school activities, chat with friends, and check out who shares your classes. Think of it as a digital planner meets a school-friendly social platform. 


The Signup Process

Jumping into Saturn is straightforward. You've got options: sign up with a phone number, school email, or even a Snapchat account. Add some basic info, select your school, and you're good to go. But there's a catch.


Red Flags and Risks

Before diving headfirst into the app, here's what you should keep in mind:


Who’s Who, Really?: The app isn't super strict about confirming you're an actual student. This means someone could pretend to be a student and sneak a peek at class schedules and after-school activities.


TMI (Too Much Information): Those profile pics, Insta links, and bios? They might just be telling more than you’d like and can be a goldmine for predators.


Name Game & DMs: Changing usernames and sliding into DMs? It may sound fun and harmless, but it also creates a playground for cyberbullies.


Event Overshares: That bulletin board for events? It shows a lot of information, including who’s planning to be there. So, if you're not into broadcasting your plans, be careful about the details and don’t spill more beans than you intended.


Who’s Friending You?: Without strong checks and verification, that new friend request might be from, well, anyone.


Staying Sharp on Saturn

For Students

Privacy First: Be careful about the details you share. Don’t go overboard and think about what info you want public vs what could stay private. Set your account to private to ensure only the people on your friends list can see your schedule and profile details.


Trust But Verify: Friend requests? Cool, but only if you know them in real life. And maybe do a friend list audit once in a while.


Stay Informed: Get to know the app's ins and outs and always be on the lookout for anything unusual. Report suspicious activities or messages fishing for too much personal info.


For Parents:

Chat It Out: Sit down and talk with your teen about the app's features and risks. Keep communication channels open for them to come to you with questions and concerns.


Peek, Don’t Pry: Maybe occasionally glance over how your teen uses the app. Respect their space, but also ensure they’re on the right track.


Arm With Knowledge: Equip your teen with online street smarts. Encourage them to follow #ICANHELP on social media to get the latest tips on digital safety and using digital for good. 


Wrapping It Up

Saturn – Time Together offers a fresh way to navigate high school life, blending organization with social connection. Whether you're a student weighing the pros and cons or a parent looking out for your teen's best interests, it's all about staying informed and making choices that prioritize safety and privacy.



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