Seeking 2020 Nominations for #Digital4Good Awards, Hosted by #ICANHELP in New York City

digital4good our updates Jan 06, 2020

Students, tech, teachers, and communities come together for the social media positivity event of the year. 


(San Francisco, CA – January 6, 2020) – This November, #ICANHELP will host the fourth annual #Digital4Good awards event in New York City, NY. #Digital4Good is a movement and event that awards and celebrates students using digital tools and social media to create positive social change in their school, community, and beyond. #ICANHELP has opened nominations for this year’s event, allowing students, adults, and educators to nominate students who are making a difference on and offline while using digital resources. 

The event will be livestreamed online to thousands of people across the world. The 2019 #Digital4Good event was hosted at FACEBOOK’s Menlo Park headquarters. Video of the event has been viewed over 10,000 times, and continues to engage youth and adults in digital wellness and activities related to social media positivity. Watch the 2019 #Digital4Good awards event here on the #ICANHELP Facebook page

#Digital4Good is a major gathering of students, teachers, special guests, social media companies, nonprofit leaders and more, all focused on empowering positive tech and media use. The event is planned, executed, and emceed by youth, and will celebrate student voice and digital leadership, featuring a fast-paced mix of presentations, panels, and videos. 

#Digital4Good was created by #ICANHELP, a non-profit organization committed to empowering students to play an active role in improving their online and offline communities. The event begins with a “power-hour” where each award winner is given the opportunity to talk to the crowd and event streamers about their experience, projects, and give their best advice to others. 

#ICANHELP Co-Founders Matt Soeth and Kim Karr

#ICANHELP Co-Founders Matt Soeth and Kim Karr

The event is also a platform for exciting announcements within digital wellness and social media. During last year’s event, #ICANHELP announced a partnership with the Well Being Trust, part of Providence St. Joseph Health. The partnership has inspired the #Work2BeWell 

Movement and an online digital toolkit that includes a variety of resources, lessons, and support topics around mental health and digital wellness. 

2019 #Digital4Good winners included Gabrielle Frost (Buddy Project), Shreeya Arora (Tracking Our Heroes), Christina Mazzi (Project WOC (Women of Color)), Shreya Venkat (NEST4US), Clementine Chamberlain & Ananda Sudol (This Club Saves Lives), Michael Pascal (Vets Van Stanislaus), Riley Damiano (The Blue Lollipop Project), Olivia Rush (, and Ashley Lin (Project Exchange). Last year’s special guests included author Brandon Farbstein (Ten Feet Tall) and Instagram influencer Adam Weheed (@AdamW). There was also a special video from MLB All-Star Aaron Judge. 

You can help determine the candidates for the 2020 #Digital4Good awards. Students, adults, and teachers who know of students that are changing their world for the better are encouraged to nominate them by filling out the short #Digital4Good nomination form here: Nominations are now open and will close February 16, 2020.

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