Start The New Year with A Digital Detox

Should You Take a Digital Detox?

A digital detox is when a person refrains from using any type of tech devices such as TV, smartphones, computers, tablets, and social media sites. This can be done temporarily, intermittently, or whenever you feel the need to take a break from any digital use. Although technology provides sources of entertainment, useful information and cute pictures, it can also negatively affect our mental health, even if we don’t realize it.  

A digital detox can provide many potential benefits and it doesn’t hurt to try it either. Keep reading to learn how it can benefit you along with some tips if you want to try it out!

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How Digital Use Can Affect Mental Health 

Technology can be an escape from the real world when you’re stressed out. Sometimes this can lead to a dependency on technology that will just add more stress. This can lead to a behavioral addiction in tech and device overuse which will leave psychological, social, and physical problems. 

Studies have found that heavy daily technology use is associated with an increased risk for mental health problems among adolescents. People often only want to show the best parts of their life on social media. Influencers sell the idea of a “perfect life” which can cause us to feel depressed when comparing our own lives. 


Benefits of a Digital Detox

  • You’ll stop comparing yourself- By taking a break from digital use for a while, you won’t be constantly comparing yourself to people you see online.  
  • Better sleep- Research shows the blue light on your phone affects your melatonin production, making it difficult to fall asleep. So if you suffer from insomnia, try not looking at your phone before bed!
  • It can help you connect in your relationships- How often do you find yourself hanging out with someone and then realize you both spent most of your time on your phones? Be present with the people you are with and see how much more fun you can have together!


Digital Detox Tips

  • Put your phone away when going to bed
  • Try getting out of the house or go on a walk when you want to go on your phone
  • Pick up a hobby or try to learn something new to do on your free time
  • Track your device’s average screen time and set goals to lower it 


So are you ready to take a digital detox? Stay tuned for a 21 day digital wellness challenge with #ICANHELP and we can all take steps to digital wellness together. 


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