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As a mentor, you’ll provide encouragement, education, and support, but will allow the students to come to their final decisions on their own!

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What Is a Committee Mentor?

This is a full-year commitment from June to June where you'll be a mentor for one of our eight student-led committees! These committees consist of Public Relations, Recruiting, International Recruiting, Digital Media, Graphic Design, Video Production, Marketing, and Content Creation. Please keep in mind that we need mentors with experience in any of those fields. Let us know your specialties.


Monthly Committee Calls

  • 6 PM PST on the second-to-last Sunday of each month. 
    •  This year we have Interns and Specialists in 17 different states and 3 countries, so this time may be subject to change based on your committee’s needs.
  • Calls will be coordinated and led by the committee’s Intern and will be 45-60 minutes short. The committee will review projects and assign tasks for the upcoming month.
  • In addition to providing guidance and support for current projects, we ask that you give a 10-15 minute lesson at the end of each committee call.  If you’re unable to make one of the calls, please find another mentor or colleague to fill in for you to ensure that the students involved in our internship program still receive guidance and mentorship!

Skill Development

  • As a mentor, you should reach out to your committee and ask what they would like to be brought to the table so they can provide you with recommendations for lessons.
  • If the students would like a lesson in a subject not in your expertise, don’t be afraid to call upon a fellow mentor for help! For example, you’re a gifted writer, but the students would like to learn more about graphic design. A mentor adequately experienced in graphic design would be brought onto the committee call to grow the students’ skills.

Project-Based Support

  • Consistent and productive communication with your peers and holding each other accountable to be great ensures our mentors and Interns get the most of their experience being a part of the #ICANHELP team!
  • Interns and Specialists may email you for extra guidance on their projects. We ask you to please respond to them within a week’s time. Our Interns and Specialists are driven and passionate, and a quick response is sure to set them up for success!
  • You should be readily available to provide guidance on additional projects that Interns and Specialists are involved in. It’s your responsibility to support your committee by making sure they know they can turn to you.

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How To Become A Great Mentor

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