Digital Safety Course for Educators + Parents

Guiding you to cultivate responsible online behavior, promote digital wellness, and build safer tech spaces for kids and teens.

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Welcome to a Safer Digital Future for Our Kids

In a world where digital interaction is second nature, kids and teens are constantly connected, influencing their mental health, education, and social relationships. But are they prepared to navigate this online universe safely and responsibly?


With our Digital Safety Course, you - parents, educators, and guardians - gain the insights and tools to effectively guide young minds in their digital journey. You can foster a healthier tech lifestyle, shape respectful online engagement, and ultimately, turn the tide towards a safer, more inclusive digital future. Start your digital enlightenment today - the key is just one click away!

Course Benefits

Enhance Digital Citizenship

This course provides comprehensive knowledge on how to guide children towards respectful and responsible online behavior. As a result, you can empower kids and teens to create safer and more inclusive digital spaces, negating online negativity.

Promote Balanced Tech Use

Discover strategies to foster a healthy balance between tech use and everyday life. With insights into the connection between technology, mental health, and education, you can support kids and teens to develop beneficial tech habits, without resorting to digital restriction.

Ensure Safer Digital Environments

Learn to assess and improve the digital health of your home or school environments. By integrating teachable moments into daily routines, you can demonstrate appropriate online behavior, and ensure a safe and positive online experience for young minds.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Empower kids and teens to delete negativity online and create safer, more inclusive spaces for everyone.
  • Build a knowledge base about the connection between technology use, mental health, and education.
  • Reflect on and evaluate the digital health of home and school environments.
  • Teach kids and teens digital responsibility—not restriction—and build common-sense guidelines for using tech and digital media at home, in school, and with their friends.
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Catch a Glimpse of Our Digital Safety Course

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"As an educator, the Digital4Good Digital Safety Course has been an invaluable resource. It's not just about preventing the negatives of technology, it's about empowering our students to use it for good. Since I've started incorporating the course strategies, I've seen a significant improvement in the way my students interact online." 

- Laura S., High School Teacher

"This course was a game-changer for me as a parent. It helped me understand the digital world my kids navigate daily. Now, I feel more equipped to guide them in making better online decisions, and we've developed a healthier tech-life balance at home." 

- David C, Parent of Two

"As a school counselor, I found this course to be profoundly impactful. It offered practical, implementable strategies to foster a safer online environment, helping our students become responsible digital citizens. I highly recommend this to anyone involved in children's online lives." 

- Monica Bradford, School Counselor

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