03/12 + 03/13 Santa Monica, CA

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About Digital4Good

Digital4Good celebrates students who are using digital technology to make a positive impact in their communities. We’re shining a spotlight on student innovation and leadership to show the world just what kids + teens can do with the right tools, education, and encouragement.

The annual Digital4Good Summit celebrates ten outstanding student innovators who are using digital media and technology to solve problems and advance social, economic, environmental, and educational causes. The Summit is a LiveStream event, which means that virtual participation is limitless. The winners are also paired with mentors in relevant industries who can help them grow and advance their causes.

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Watch Parties

We partner with private companies, schools, and other nonprofit organizations to host Livestream watch parties to share our winning students’ achievements and inspirational stories with tens of thousands of people around the world. Host a watch party for your office, school, or other community organization! Viewing the Livestream is free (all you have to do is provide the snacks!)

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All of our winners receive mentorship from our community of professionals. Share your knowledge, expertise, and experience—become a mentor and empower these passionate students to change the world.

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Our sponsors play a crucial role in the facilitation of our annual summit. By sponsoring this event, you will provide critical support that will empower student leaders and innovators in their mission to use technology for good. Become an official sponsor of Digital4Good to uplift these students and to celebrate their remarkable achievements.

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Enter the Raffle

The All Rise Foundation has graciously donated some prizes items to be given out to 4 lucky winners. All you need to do to enter is purchase a donation ticket of $10 for each entry, and 4 winners will be selected at random at our upcoming Digital4Good event.

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Digital4Good Summit 2022-2023

Digital4Good celebrates students that have made positive digital spaces to uplift and empower their peers and communities. In this year’s Digital4Good  Summit, we are congratulating our 7 Winners : Anna Miller, Armita Hosseini, Axel Perez, Donovan Beck, Gauri Nimbalkar, Hurshneet Chadha, and Saanvi Shetty & Shreya Karnik.

Anna Miller

The Real Anna Miller

Armita Hoseini

Empower Econ

Axel Perez

Simply Axel

Donovan Beck

Mind of Sol Media

Gauri Nimbalkar

Association for Youth Well-Being

Hurshneet Chadha

Project Smile AZ

Saanvi Shetty + Shreya Karnik

Voices of GenZ

Winner Bios

Summit Participants


Lilly Ketchman

Caden Ketchman


Tony Whatley

Asheley Bailey

Kevin Lonzo

Olivia Rush

Sergio Pardo


Desanka Ilic

Erin Acevedo

Hayley Herms

Jonathan George

Lorato Sargent

Mary Renouf-Hanson

Shilpa Sharma



Ariana Flewelling

Ashley Lynn Priore

Audrey Hovannesian

Billy Saleebey

Carlos Ojeda

Fareedah Shaheed

Kristin Balter

Shay Saleem

Shellisa Multrie

Steven Entezari


Linsey Urrea

Lola Balter


Olivia Rush

Lilliana Ketchman


Abby Tran


Joy Nguyen


Jonathan George

Unleash Your Rockstar

Tony Whatley

365 Driven

Brette Borow

The Her Feed


Hana Dinh

Riot Games

Abby Tran


Sergio Pardo


Brette Borow

The Her Feed

Moderator: Lola Besis

#ICANHELP Lead Intern

Program Schedule

Digital4Good Growth Day: Sunday Mar 12, 2023 (Winners + Mentors Only)

*Open for live guests from 6 - 7:30pm PST 

*Subject to change 

TIME                   EVENT

2:17 PM

Opening Keynote: Tony Whatley 

2:46 PM

Winners & Mentors

2:49 PM

Shark Tank : Rotation 1 - Anna Miller

3:01 PM

Shark Tank : Rotation 2 - Saanvi Shetty + Shreya Karnak 

3:18 PM

Shark Tank : Rotation 3 - Armita Hosseini

3:35 PM

Shark Tank : Rotation 4 - Axel Perez

3:52 PM

Shark Tank : Rotation 5 - Donovan Beck

4:09 PM

Shark Tank : Rotation 6 - Gauri Nimbalkar

4:26 PM

Shark Tank : Rotation 7 - Hurshneet Chadha

4:36 PM

Dinner + DJ Cody (SOS Entertainment)

5:10 PM

Winners’ Take Away

5:35 PM 

Closing Keynote: Hayley Herms

5:55 PM      

Shark Tank DigitalRockStar Awards

6 - 7:30 PM      

Concert + Networking Party
Opening: Lola Balter + Olivia Rush
Headliner: ZNi

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Livestream Power Hour

9:30am PST/11:30am CT/12:30pm ET

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Snapchat Family Center

1:00pm PST/3:00pm CT/4:00pm ET

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Everyone's Responsible

1:40pm PST/3:40pm CT/4:40pm ET

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Digital4Good Live: Monday Mar 13, 2023 (Open to live guests)

*Subject to change 

TIME                   EVENT

9:10 AM        

Joy Nguyen - NASSP

9:15 AM        

Livestream Countdown

9:20 AM          

Jonathan George:
Hype Up The Change Agent Rockstars

P O W E R   H O U R

9:30 AM 

Welcome: Lilly + Caden Ketchman
Keynote: Tony Whatley 

9:46 AM

D4G Winner 1: Anna Miller

9:50 AM

D4G Winner 2: Hurshneet Chadha

9:54 AM

D4G Winner 3: Gauri Nimbalker 

9:58 AM

Brette Borow: The Her Feed

10:10 AM

D4G Winner 4: Axel Perez

10:14 AM

D4G Winner 5: Saanvi Shetty +
Shreya Karnak

10:18 AM       

Linsey Urrea - Singer

10:22 AM

D4G Winner 6: Armita Hosseini

10:26 AM

D4G Winner 7: Donovan Beck

10:30 AM

People's Choice Awards - Voting Opens

10:33 AM


10:44 AM

#IWILLHELP Challenge

11:01 AM     

Voting Process + Choice Award Winners 

11:21 AM

The Conversationlist:
Breaking Echo Chambers with Desanka Ilic

11:37 AM

D4G Winners Q+A

12:00 PM


12:30 PM

Living Museum

1:00 PM

Snapchat Inc: Family Center

1:36 PM

Lilly Ketchman

1:40 PM

Everyone's Responsibility Panel

1:58 PM

Thank You + Closing

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