Social Media Literacy Curriculum

Give your students the lessons and activities they need to use social media safely and responsibly. With engaging lessons and activities, students will learn about social media safety, digital wellness, and digital citizenship.

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Empower a Generation of Safe and Responsible Digital Citizens

In an increasingly digital world, responsible use of social media has become as critical as reading and writing. We bring you an innovative Social Media Literacy Curriculum, designed to equip educators with the tools needed to teach social media safety and digital citizenship. With our curriculum, educators can help students navigate the digital landscape confidently and responsibly. Our expertly crafted resources promote a nuanced understanding of the digital world, fostering a generation that is not just tech-savvy, but also tech-smart. Join us on this journey to create a safer, more responsible digital future, one student at a time.

Social Media Literacy Benefits

Empowering Digital Intelligence

Foster digital awareness, critical thinking, and ethical engagement among students for safe, effective online communication.

Enhancing Online Safety

Equip students with essential strategies to protect their digital identities, privacy, and handle cyberbullying.

Encouraging Responsible Digital Citizenship

Instill values of respect, empathy, and responsibility in digital interactions, cultivating good online behavior.

Fostering Informed Media Consumption

Develop students' ability to discern credible sources, analyze media biases, and combat misinformation online.

Future-Proofing Careers

Lay the foundation for digital skills essential in modern careers, preparing students for a technology-driven future.

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Features + Outcomes

With our unique blend of comprehensive knowledge, interactive learning, and research-based strategies, we go beyond mere awareness, striving to create informed, responsible, and savvy digital citizens. Our flexible modules offer an adaptable learning environment tailored to the unique needs of each class, age group, and learning pace. We continuously update our content to stay in step with the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Dive into our curriculum's features and anticipated outcomes to see how we're empowering a new generation to navigate the digital world safely and smartly.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Coverage: Our curriculum covers all key aspects of social media literacy, from privacy protection and digital etiquette to cyberbullying prevention and discerning credible information.

Research-Based Learning: Drawing on the latest research, our curriculum is designed to foster practical knowledge and develop critical thinking about social media usage.

Interactive Learning: We incorporate engaging activities, group discussions, and real-world scenarios to ensure interactive and experiential learning.

Adaptable Modules: Each module can be tailored to suit varying class sizes, age groups, and learning paces, ensuring a flexible and personalized learning experience.

Continuous Updates: Stay abreast of the rapidly evolving digital landscape with our regularly updated content, reflecting the latest trends, risks, and safety measures.


Enhanced Digital Literacy: Students will understand the potential risks and rewards of social media, enabling them to make informed decisions about their online activity.

Improved Online Safety: Armed with knowledge of privacy settings, cybersecurity norms, and cyberbullying handling, students can navigate digital spaces more safely.

Responsible Digital Citizenship: Students will understand the importance of respect, empathy, and responsibility in digital communication, encouraging positive online interactions.

Media Savviness: Students will gain the ability to critically analyze media content, identify credible sources, and debunk misinformation, fostering a discerning online presence.

Career Preparedness: By understanding the professional implications of their digital footprint, students can better position themselves for success in the technology-driven job market. 

What's Included?

  • Social Media Literacy Syllabus
  • Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities
  • Rubrics
  • Assessments
  • Quizzes
  • Worksheets
  • Videos
  • Google Slides Shows
  • Daily Warm-Ups & Ice Breakers

Daily Lessons and Activities On:

  • Personal Digital Branding 
  • Online Community
  • Impact + Outreach 
  • Digital First Responder  
  • Digital Wellness
  • Using digital for good 
  • Content Creation

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