Become A Specialized Mentor

As a mentor, you’ll provide encouragement, education, and support, but will allow the students to come to their final decisions on their own!

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What Is a Specialized Mentor?

In this role, you’ll support student Interns and student Specialists if they need help with a project or an event! Through this position, you’ll create one-on-one relationships with the students. This is ideal for mentors who want to help, but can’t commit to becoming a committee mentor.

We need Specialized Mentors with experience in:

  • Marketing, PR
  • Content Creation
  • Video Production
  • Digital Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Recruiting
  • Business Development


Project-based Support

You’ll be included on a list of Specialized Mentors who our Student Interns and Youth Specialists can reach out to for help on their projects. When they reach out, we ask that you reply to them within a timely manner, and we encourage you to set up 30-60 minute calls with them on a per-project basis for feedback.

Workshops + Events

We host a variety of conferences, seminars, and work parties throughout the year and often ask our mentors to share 15-30 minute lessons for student attendees. These lessons should aim at enriching our student & youth attendees with information relevant to all in attendance, or to specific departments such as Business Development or Digital Media.

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How To Become A Great Mentor

Learn how to prepare, set goals, lay the ground rules, and enable growth!

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