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Digital Citizenship, Safety, and Wellness Training Tailored to Meet the Needs of Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

Empowering the Next Generation with Digital4Good

Our customized presentations on digital citizenship, safety, and wellness equip elementary, middle, and high school students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive online. From cyberbullying to social media etiquette, we cover the topics that matter most to young people today.

With Digital4Good by their side, students can confidently navigate the digital world and become responsible digital citizens. Let's work together to build a better online community for everyone.

Benefits to Booking

Customized Presentations

Our presentations are tailored to meet the needs of your students and are age-appropriate for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Engaging Content

Our presentations are designed to be interactive and engaging, so students stay focused and retain the information presented.

Expert Speakers

Our presenters are experts in digital citizenship, safety, and wellness, and they have years of experience working with young people.

By booking a presentation with Digital4Good, you can be confident that your students will receive customized, engaging, and expert-led digital citizenship training that will help them navigate the digital world with confidence and responsibility.

Elementary School

For students in grades 3-5, our elementary school presentation focuses on digital etiquette and responsible online behavior. We cover a range of topics, including:

  • Respecting Others' Privacy: We emphasize the importance of asking for permission before posting pictures of others online.

  • Safeguarding Personal Information: We teach students what information is safe to share online and what information should be kept private.
  • Basic Privacy Concepts: We explain key concepts like online privacy, cybersecurity, and safe browsing habits to help students stay safe and secure online.
  • Responsible Posting: We help students understand the impact their posts can have and teach them to ask themselves important questions before posting or commenting online.
  • Age-Appropriate Online Activities: We provide guidance on finding age-appropriate online communities and activities that are safe and engaging.
  • Empathy and Kindness: We encourage students to stand up for others and promote a culture of kindness and empathy online.
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Middle School

Designed to help students in grades 6-8 become responsible digital citizens and navigate the complexities of social media with confidence. Through real-life examples and engaging activities, we cover a range of topics, including: 

  • Digital Footprint: We help students understand how their online actions can impact their reputation and future opportunities.

  • Self-Assessment and Awareness: We teach students to recognize signs of social media fatigue or overload and provide strategies for healthy social media use.
  • Understanding "Likes": We explain the meaning behind "likes" and help students understand the impact their likes can have on others.
  • Spreading Positivity: We emphasize the importance of staying positive online and provide tools and strategies for promoting kindness and positivity.
  • Combating Negativity: We provide students with practical tools for dealing with negativity online and teach them how to stop the spread of hate speech and harmful content.
  • Sexting and Online Safety: We discuss the risks associated with sexting and provide strategies for staying safe online.
  • Privacy and Respect: We teach students about online privacy and the importance of respecting themselves and others online.
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High School

Tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by students in grades 9-12. With their extensive knowledge of digital and social media trends, high school students need advanced strategies to stay safe online and protect their well-being. Our presentation covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Cyberbullying: We explore the dangers of cyberbullying and provide strategies for students to ask for help if they experience or witness bullying online.

  • Sexual and Mental Harassment: We discuss the risks of sexual and mental harassment online and provide tools for students to protect themselves and others.
  • Sexting: We address the risks of sexting and provide strategies for students to stay safe online.
  • Standing Up for Others: We teach students how to be allies and stand up for others who are being bullied or harassed online.
  • Privacy and Respect: We discuss online privacy and the importance of respecting oneself and others online.
  • Social Media and Mental Health: We explore the impact of social media on mental health and provide strategies for students to promote positive mental health.
  • Digital Footprint: We provide an in-depth exploration of the digital footprint and the impact that social media can have on job searches,
  • Staying Safe Online: We provide strategies for staying safe on social media, including protecting personal information, identifying scams and fake news, and dealing with online predators.
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Parent Presentation

In a world where digital interaction is second nature, kids and teens are constantly connected, influencing their mental health, education, and social relationships. But are they prepared to navigate this online universe safely and responsibly?

With our Parent Presentation, parents, educators, and guardians gain the insights and tools to effectively guide young minds in their digital journey. You can foster a healthier tech lifestyle, shape respectful online engagement, and ultimately, turn the tide towards a safer, more inclusive digital future.

  • Empower kids and teens to delete negativity online and create safer, more inclusive spaces for everyone.

  • Build a knowledge base about the connection between technology use, mental health, and education.

  • Reflect on and evaluate the digital health of home and school environments.

  • Teach kids and teens digital responsibilityā€”not restrictionā€”and build common-sense guidelines for using tech and digital media at home, in school, and with their friends.

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Educator + Staff Development Training

Our Educator + Staff Development Training teaches online trust and safety to empower your entire staff to engage with todayā€™s digital generation. You'll learn to build a campus culture that celebrates when students use digital for good so you can decrease online drama (which decreases on-campus drama). Staff will earn professional development hours and gain critical knowledge about digital media and technology.

Training topics include: Digital Wellness, Digital Policy, Class Engagement in the Digital Era, and Building Trust in the Classroom

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