Devious Licks: How to Combat this Trendy and Dangerous TikTok Fad

#icanhelp educate #icanhelp lead digital safety Jan 18, 2022
Stop the Devious Licks

What do vandalism, theft, and bullying have in common? They’re all a part of a startling new TikTok trend known as “Devious Licks.” 


These “Devious Licks” typically feature high school students committing some act of vandalism or theft on their school campus. In one you may see a student tearing a soap dispenser off of a bathroom wall, in the next it could be someone stealing the tires off of a teacher's car. While pranks are often part of student traditions, there’s a difference between a harmless joke and vandalism. And what’s most worrying about the “Devious Licks” fad is its viral nature.


In this destructive trend, one “Devious Lick” demands another that’s even more devious, more daring, and potentially dangerous. This trend's viral nature is already spreading internationally, and has been reported in schools in Australia, Canada, and Latin America. Like all other fads or trends, this too will go away in time, but only after a significant amount of damage has been done. However, there is something we can do to help stop the spread right now.


Sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire, and in this case, our “fire” is a much more positive counter-trend that could stop the spread of “Devious Licks.” One such trend already making the rounds is known as “Angelic Yields” or sometimes “Angelic Bathrooms,” where students will donate small gifts such as bottles of soap, toilet paper or help clean school bathrooms. Not only does this prevent vandalism at your school, but with any luck this could spread just as fast as the “Devious Licks” trend has. 


If we can show kindness and care for our schools, we can stop the “Devious Licks” trend in its tracks. By organizing a student-led response, whether it’s through more positive TikTok trends, or even just talking with your fellow students about ways to counteract “Devious Licks”, we can put an end to this dangerous new fad.

If you’d like to learn more about how take action, #ICANHELP has several courses designed to assist students and staff alike in addressing issues like this—check them out here!

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