Meet Our New Board Member and Treasurer, Ash Ambardekar

#icanhelp lead our updates Dec 07, 2022
Meet Our New Board Member and Treasurer, Ash Ambardekar

Welcome Ash Ambardekar to our #ICANHELP family!


Ash lives in Southern California and has been in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. He is currently serving a leadership role in United Healthcare. Ash has a daughter who is a freshman in high school who is also an annual PR specialist in our #ICANHELP family. Ash enjoys being outdoors – traveling, playing sports, and meeting new people from all over the world. 


Ash wanted to be a part of #ICANHELP when his daughter’s middle school hosted an #ICANHELP Parent Night. “I was really inspired by how #ICH was making an impact in the community and how they were getting everyone involved – parents, teachers, students, jobs/businesses. I heard from students and parents how this program was an eyeopener and provided them with specific tools and ideas. I heard that they were looking for parents to be involved and I knew that I wanted to be a part of this program,” Ash shared. 


#ICANHELP is an organization that does a lot of good and inspires so many people in the world, not just students and teachers, but parents as well. For Ash, he says, “#ICH inspires me as it makes a difference in the community and teaches so many people, especially teens, about the reality of social media in our modern world.” 


He also values what this organization does in the realm of digital media. “#ICH’s message is important as we use social media more and more because it raises awareness of how to be a good digital citizen and use social media platforms to make a positive impact. #ICH’s message also teaches numerous people about spreading positivity on social media, which can lead to good digital wellness, and in turn, good mental health. Especially in the teen and young adult population, #ICH’s message plays a crucial role since these people tend to spend more time on their device scrolling on social media.”


#ICANHELP promotes using digital media in a positive way and Ash believes in focusing on the smaller positive aspects rather than the negative. “A positive social media presence can be fostered through spreading positive events that are going on in the community as well as ignoring the negative things that are there. Focus on the countless positive things that are there rather than the small percentage of negative comments or posts that you see. Positivity can be like a chain reaction – once one person starts it, then others will follow. If we keep spreading positive things on social media, then more people will follow and do the same,” Ash shared.


As #ICANHELP continues to grow, Ash would like to see it help the elderly. “I wonder if ICH can help the geriatric population who might have their own challenges with social media and as adapters of new technology and information from the internet.”

Ash joined #ICANHELP because he saw what the organization does and how much of an impact it makes in the world. If you would like to join our #ICANHELP family and help make a difference, visit the #ICANHELP website at

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