AI Crash Course for Parents: Balancing Technology and Learning

digital media literacy parentscanhelp Apr 24, 2024
AI Crash Course for Parents: Balancing Technology and Learning

By: Janiyah Gaston, Seasonal Public Relations Intern | Digital4Good


With the rapidly growing popularity of digital tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E, more and more people are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their everyday lives — especially kids.


But first, what is AI? Simply put, it’s the science of computers that are given the ability to think like humans. 


Here’s our crash course on the most common uses of AI by children and teens. Keep reading to learn the benefits, drawbacks, and tips for establishing a balance between AI support and real-life learning.


Benefits and Drawbacks of AI

The Positives

Homework Helper

Have you noticed your child asking you less and less for homework help? Chances are, they’re asking ChatGPT instead. From solving math problems to figuring out how to start a research paper, AI is now the go-to resource for students.


Customized Learning Experiences 

Every kid has a different learning style. AI-powered educational platforms can provide personalized learning experiences that adapt to a student’s unique needs and learning patterns.


The Negatives

Plagiarism Risks

While AI is a good tool to use when you are struggling with an assignment, some students take it a step too far. For instance, some students will ask AI programs to write a paper for them and try to pass it off as their own writing. 


Unflattering Imitations

AI can replicate a person’s voice with about 80% accuracy. This is often used for entertainment purposes (e.g. imitating a fictional character’s voice), but can just as easily be used by bullies to imitate your child’s voice and get them in trouble.


Setting Boundaries

AI is a Resource, Not a Replacement

AI is a powerful tool that can solve your child's math homework or write a paper, but it is important to remind your kids to view AI more as a guide or a virtual “tutor” than a replacement for their work. In other words, they shouldn’t be relying on AI to do their homework for them. 


If your child is using any apps like ChatGPT, make sure they are only using it to clarify how to solve a math problem or how to break down certain homework assignments into manageable pieces.


AI Isn’t Perfect

While AI has made huge impacts in various industries, it isn’t always accurate. If you notice your child relying excessively on AI for their schoolwork, consider talking with them to identify the specific areas they’re struggling with. Then, you can provide support yourself, express your concerns to your child’s teacher, or seek out tutoring services for your child.


The role of AI in education is large and complicated, and this article can only cover the basics of AI and its many uses. With AI constantly evolving, Digital4Good encourages parents, educators, and students to continue staying informed on ongoing developments in AI technology. 

To learn more about how to navigate the digital world check out our digital safety course or connect with us on TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook.




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