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Spread the Love: Student Webinar Event Recap

Each month, #ICANHELP gives students and mentors a chance to be able to share their voices with the community. On February 6, 2022, #ICANHELP hosted a virtual seminar to talk about spreading love in our world. They covered a variety of topics including self-love, self-advocacy, and ways to see the world through an optimistic lens. Our student webinar spotlights passionate individuals who have curated projects they want to share with others. 


We were incredibly honored to have Jaz’Myne Ware, Liana Pavane, and Norin Mosley presenting at our February webinar. Each one of these amazing changemakers has created projects to help others find love for themselves and the world around them.


Jaz’Myne’s project is an Instagram page revolving around self-care tips and tricks. She started her project in June of 2020 after getting out of an abusive relationship. She made her Instagram,, to share information about mental wellness with those who need it the most. She curates her feed with content from a wide variety of sources, acting as an information-sharing center for mental health and wellness advice and resources.


Our second panelist was Liana Pavane who created TTYL & Ghosts of Dates Past,  These are two amazing projects geared towards dating. TTYL is focused on dating without being centered around technology. Ghosts of Dates Pasts is a podcast made to discuss and break down dating stigmas. Her project, Destination Selfship, was a month-long event designed for people to work at their own pace to get off technology and focus on self-love. There were fun exercises like doing a fashion show before school or doing meditation in the morning and having a journaling session or putting together a puzzle in the afternoon. Finding time away from technology and spending it on yourself to live in the moment is a great step towards self-love.


Our final panelist was Norin Mosley, the director of Project Optimism. All the way from Australia, Norin shared with us her goal to teach communities worldwide how to be more optimistic. Project Optimism does so through online learning and tips on implementing optimistic habits in our daily lives. They have reached over 150,000 people in 82 countries with their message. We can all learn how to be more optimistic and appreciate the beautiful world around us. 


We loved how innovative and fun these projects are and we would love to see more in the future. February was a wonderful month to learn how to focus and take care of ourselves a bit better. Maybe you can incorporate these habits into your daily life and show a bit of support to the speakers we heard from. 


Try to do a few of these things in your life: 

  • Meditate or self reflect in a journal
  • Go for a walk around your neighborhood
  • Start a new project or teach yourself something!
  • Check out #ICANHELP’s Instagram as we have been sharing tips on staying safe while dating and loving yourself.



On March 6, 2022, we are hosting another Webinar focusing on the topic of Being You! See the infographic below to see more monthly conversation topics. We would love to see you there! If you are just interested in being a viewer for this month's panel, click here

Would you like to speak but can’t this month? No worries! We open up panelists’ surveys every month so apply for the topic that best speaks to you so you can speak your best!



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